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Area that once caused claustrophobia now has enough space to hold all the beauty striped boat neck sweaters and Judy size more has a lot of strength right look no sweat the container store custom closet sale is here with up to twenty five percent off all systems including alpha the container store where space comes from these these a flex and bank of America wants to know what would you like the power to do I'm speaking with Larry di Rita regional president from bank of America here in DC thanks for coming in thank you this city is a city full of dreamers and entrepreneurs how can bank of America help one of the ways that BankAmerica supports small businesses to listen to small business owners about what's on their mind so the way we bank of America starts that conversation with our customers is what would you like the power to do and when BankAmerica asked that question it begins a conversation so the dreamers can come and say Jeez I love the power to own my own business what would it take and we can sit them down with the bank of America specialist someone who can help them plan their finances bank of America better money habits program the bank of America lending and investing programs and so the dreamers welcome to bank of America because we're here to help them live their financial lives and that's our purpose thank you Larry di Rita so what would you like the power to do find out how bank of America can help you at bank of America dot com or stop by your local branch you can actually simply not get heartburn in the first place no more staffing in assets try Prilosec OTC one pill a day twenty four hours zero heartburn it's possible with Prilosec OTC use as directed for fourteen days to treat frequent heartburn not for immediate relief.

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