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Years old and drivers had where we I had to watch these these stupid films. I guess I shouldn't say stupid we watch these films, and then take us out, and you know, behind the wheel. And if that's not the scariest thing, I don't know. What is I remember when my mom took me driving for the first time we had a doctor's appointment. I think we're living in Yonkers at the time. And we had an appointment at a doctor in Larchmont, and we came out of the doctor. My mother said you drive home. I was like, yeah. I want to drive home. I was so scared and so nervous. And for some reason, my mom was so calm, and I would look at her, and she's not she wouldn't if it was me if I had a sixteen year old kid I had to do this. I'd be scared to death. And I was actually scared behind the wheel because it was the first time actually being on the road with other cars and when a truck pulls up next to you. So I guess offenders fear trucks for a long time. Now, they think about it. It just gets, you know, very intimidating because the worst nightmare is. And this is why I had this problem in Denver is my girlfriend, and I at the time would literally speed up. So you're not next to one is h God forbid fall over your dad. So what they've done in Denver and parts of Colorado's. They made roads that are non eighteen Wheeler approved. So you couldn't go on those roads, which I think would be a great thing here in Florida to ninety five is the obvious place for for the truckers. But the turnpike should just be auto automobiles and this morning, I saw again, and I saw this on ninety five and I don't understand this. I know I've talked about this before. But it just doesn't make sense to me that these people with these mopeds really just mopeds. They're not motorcycles. And I'm maybe I'm not maybe it's not a moped rape. It's called the scooter. I don't know, but they have license plates on it. So they're allowed to drive in traffic. I would never do that. He personally, I get more nervous around them. Because since riding this one particular guy was driving this morning on ninety five in between the left speed lane and the next lane. Apparently, there's a family. Like a double line. I never realized or I don't think I could be wrong. I don't think that's a motorcycle lane. Because wouldn't that be the most dangerous part of the road? But this guy was going thirty miles an hour, which is the back some of these things can go and in the middle of rush hour traffic coming in ninety five. That takes takes far that tastes spur to even do that. Especially in ninety five. I mean, if that's not crazy. I don't know. What is does it bother you? When you see these things remind the only one eight seven seven eight hundred eighty five eighty five eight seven seven eight fifty eighty five eighty five I just don't like being in traffic with these scooters number one because it's so easy to hit them. It's kind of like if you another example on anyone if you drive through up from Delray Beach, just going north you share. There's actually a very thin bicycle lane on the side of the road where scooters are supposed to be or maybe that's mopeds scooters have the license plate. So they they're in traffic that's bad enough because they can't go more than thirty miles an hour. Put the bicycles that drives so close and there's only two lanes there. One going one way one going the other way. So you literally have to slow down. Because if the cars coming the other way, you would hit the bicycle. That's going in the same direction as you. Parts of it on the stand. And maybe this is just a New York thing. But I was always taught in New York. If you're going to ride a bicycle on a road. It also called bike lane. You always wanna ride towards the traffic not with it. So I guess that doesn't apply here in Florida. And if I was a cyclist, I'm be scared to death to be driving with cars. Same ac- scooters mopeds. Whatever you call these things..

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