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Did. You know the vacation rental and tourism industry is responsible for eight percent of global co two emissions. That means there's a lot of room for improvement and in this episode, that's exactly what we're going to talk about I'm Daniel Hurts and this is the sustainability champions podcast where we highlight the people ideas and innovations that are protecting and healing the planet. Today, I'm speaking with Bob Garner Co owner of Castle They Fiji, the restored farmhouse with six luxurious eco-friendly one and two bedroom apartments in eastern. Italy on the coast of the injury attic. See it sounds absolutely divine. And and his partner Ian Built and now run this Ben and breakfast with the environment in mind, which is wonderful and whether it's their solar powered heat of cool or using refillable cleaning products or growing an organic vegetable garden, Bobbin implement dozens of sustainable strategies to keep their property as environmentally friendly as hospital. So I'm looking forward to hearing all about it. Thank you so much for joining me Bob. You Danielle thanks for inviting. Likewise and where are you taking the call from? So I'm in a region richly called nate mccay. The drafted coats. Are, way down to me a slap me on known region but near. Hungrier south. Though Venice. Places. Amazing, I looked it up on Google maps in it looks wonderful and Yeah. You said it's thirty nine degrees for one, which is probably close to one hundred degrees Fahrenheit. Toasting tonight Yes for anyone who's looking to stay warm. This is the place to be. So Bob Today, I'd love to discuss a few things really i. think there's so many things to talk about and and really three that I'd love three topics I loved to cover him is first of all about your be Bima. So how is Casilda Viki in mentally friendly at love to hear a little bit about your story with how you got started with actually starting to be. Because I think it's amazing to hear where you came from, which is obviously very different than what you're doing now, and finally any advice tips and tricks for what people who are living in cities can do to be sustainable in their daily lives because I think you have a lot of experience there. So. Just to get a little bit of context briefly. What exactly is Casale di keep. Something peaky is accepted six contained department rather than being beaten fact. Okay. Because that's contained will come full the pool whether the sunshine will be great food and wine the beaches. So holiday destination and we've actually created it with environmental sustainability. And something that is very today as listeners and viewers will. Yeah and what was that moment that you decided that you actually wanted to run this environmentally friendly. Farmhouse Lush Hotel. Well southbound Ian will living working in London. We both had cookbook jobs where you get paid at one eight. They work really hard and we found ourselves taking Watson Philippines to compensate for the work that we were doing and stress me one. And then we got to a point where we thought well, do we need to continue to do this lot of our friends with moving around taking me who is moving the gold? We have no ties no reasons to not to make ourselves. So we discovered the lay McKay came over and started in the auctions and deciding to take the plunge by an old farmhouse I'm converted into the pump. we did toy with the idea with various other objects before we go on this project. But. We wanted something that would. Give those a lifestyle that we wanted. To, freedom, it would give an opportunity to make a modest income We didn't need the inconveniently regaining in London and it gave us the opportunity teaches not new on Jason you career new some of our previous experiments on age. Into a new area that we can actually a great deal of but. It will talk well in the end and we very happy what we have. Now it's a wonderful job and we meet some contrasting globally is does fantastic on how? To end you live there now fulltime. We've been here fifteen years we live on science. And will open as a business from April to November. GIVES US win tomorrow for to the things that we wanted to do on. So obviously us we're very fortunate we have to do. I'm when we're here, we're looking after guests mu making sure that that enjoying this day and they go home satisfied them back again, which sixty percent of them do. So we must be doing something, right? That's absolutely amazing. The guests that are visiting are a I guess there's a there's a couple of interesting things about CASILDA. Cheeky number one is. First of all as as as you described it at some, it sounds very It sounds intimate. It sounds like it's beautiful location and just like it's is complete escape and get away from pretty much. For most people I would imagine living in a city. So that would be one thing and then the second thing of course is the fact that it's very environmentally friendly. On your website, you have a list, we have to keep scrolling, scrolling, scrolling because of all of the amazing things that you do to stay environmentally friendly. So the people who are actually. Coming back or visiting for the first time. How much of the? Environmentally friendly aspect of the hotel is really driving their decision to stay with you. If you. That information. We don't always know I. We do have some people who come via various channels which obviously Eko focus. Style That's probably a key. Decision making the many others. On, this thing seventy talknet list. But what we tried to do who circle conversations on discussions is make sure that everybody at least the end of this guy has a good appreciate depreciation of why we do what we do. We do it and the important things that teams and the differences. Thanks. So we always really under the out when people go home and they say, Oh, I've gone home I bought that special machine making waltz and so I don't need to buy plastic anymore. All dimensional I for instance panels. Oh, you've got me buying the gives a crap tone it pay because. Into that fits to the building talk. Goodwill etc etc etc. So gives us an amazing feeling and I think that's really important tools that we can communicate what we do in a very gentle and. But give people the opportunity to learn. The things that people find the climate crisis. Is it's not the they don't believe that it's happening is the struggle to see what they can do. It's such big issue and it's so click into. Here so many mixed messages in the media about. They almost. Thing I can't do anything and even if they do think they could do something to make a difference which, of course, think. I've often a little confused as to where to stop on how to take those those baby steps I, call it, and so what we tried to do is create a good of Eka roadmap for them and showcase some the things that need to the costs no one eight, and in fact, in many ways, you can save you. Get them on the path and just take some insteps, my experience and I think it's this too is the one she goes stop going down that road taking small steps we can talk about those.

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