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When he finished the race and he of struggled to the car. But I saw that with that. So even those races where he did nineteen qualifying laps or whatever he's still banned styles a car and. All the time Ivy on the radio to realize you and I have in this conversation. There was no impression of breathlessness off teak. He would be on top of it. I think that was one of the things that was his strength. He had he wasn't fatigued. He wasn't stressed. So you could be thinking about things there are so many examples he was. He was winning a race somewhere. And he came on radio and said, I've just on the foster slap. You haven't shown me on the board pit board on radio much more. So in those days, we said, no you haven't. So yes, I have just seen it on the on the grant on the TV by calling us. Sagala about and then we realize his brother, and it had she McAfee sued lap. And it caught it as he is driving past. She McAfee slap. And he. Henrik and quite seen. It was all MAC and she mecca and we said. Your brother, but in the I was leading a grand prix just having this sort of. So he just had this spec. Capacity that not many other drivers had and most of the drivers, you know, you would they be breakfast. They'd be having to give everything they had to do the job. He just seemed to have. Extra spec. Capacity beyond what he was doing in the car was he the most complete driver that you have a word for me. Yes. Yeah. I mean, I didn't what were that. Didn't what were the lame process some of those other guys? But for me, he. He he was he was. Yeah. I think we, you know. Drivers are different. I mean, I'll be fascinated by Lewis and the approach he's taken the renews. Doing a tremendous job mazing job for almost a different approach to Michael Michael wood would put in oil the commitment, and then go away quietly with the family, and and sort of chill out in Louis likes to I wouldn't say party because that's not right description, but he likes to do different things that keep him in the pre high profile and and in the limelight. Michael was to he wants to get away from all of that. So different strikes different, folks. And but I have to say didn't what we Lewis that long. But for me, the most complete driver was was Michael. And I think it's because he was setting new standards in his period, as I say, someone I Louis then level of preparation, I level of commitment, etc. They saw the Microsoft. Makah they era they saw what was needed they found. This new reference point that didn't exist before Ross. I think that's a lovely place to end. Thank you very much. Great to talk about Mike. Yeah. Very full members. Thank you. So many great insights into the champ that Michael's unbelievable work ethic is something that shines through as well as his commitment to winning young drivers take note, it goes without saying that he raised the bar in terms of what's expected of a racing driver. And that's quite some negative. Thank you for being. So that was a fascinating chat. And we're not done with commemorating. Michael Schumacher's fiftieth birthday just yet because we have another shoe macaroni exclusive next week with another very special guest. Trust me, you're not gonna want to miss it. And to ensure you don't make sure you've subscribed to be on the grid. And we'd love to know your thoughts on what Ross Brawn had to say. So please get in touch using the hashtag.

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