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Think that will end up what derails them in the long run not not necessarily the competition any ifp great point you wonder when tom brady will decide and nelson else and i think if it was up to his wife to sell he'd already be hanging a mob but i guess the way brady is looking at these forty he's the mvp the sport he's still 101 one when it comes to be in the best quarterback in a league so we say analysts in a five still dominate announced the winning javid shifts for april they'll fix it and you do wonder though don if brady is gonna have that for the cliff moment that peyton manning had remember peyton manning dark second of last year in denver you saw warning signs his second of last year then he came back for his final season which ended up leading to a super bowl 'cause the defense was so damn good but you watch peyton manning right out again he said while he's finished he's got left are your and our economy africo quickly with accurate carnot in a heartbreaking 'cause i always like manning and enjoyed watching them it's a two more point you you got ta at wh when he was talking about breeding bringing the greatest of all time and people for all my time in your face you see i don't i don't take it that way i i i kind of look at it in a couple of different ways joe montana might have been the most perfect quarterback i ever saw point in the super bowl e one four one three mvp's and the fourth one he really should have been the mvp out of why i think he have like a 115 quarterback rating but rice had like two wanted to stop me off study gave us the rice i mean a guy was definitely money in the playoffs and you got to give him a little profit on the perfection the only thing i never bother me about brady and i'm not knocking him the ball an email win with the best steamy of add you know the giants one in and beat them and brady is in that undefeated year bought defective brady though dan has donny with so many different supporting cast whether it's troy brown in david patten online whether it's cory dylan tv giving d r ranch.

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