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A new season of the bachelor. This according to Chris Harrison. We read on Buzzfeed, but Chris says it will likely move to a different state. Yeah, so he doesn't think that California is ready as far as like being calm with covid to start filming in the state. He thinks that they should go to a different state where the spread I guess isn't so rapid, and that they are getting more accustomed to life outside the home. He suggests Texas. Which I think is interesting since that's his home state. But I. Guess It really doesn't matter where they filmed. Because it looks as if they'll be renting out a resort hotel and filming the entire season there without any travel so I don't think it's GonNa, affect. The vibe in any way. Do. You think we'll ever see the bachelor mansion again. I mean I know we talked about this a couple of weeks ago. I think it's going to be really tempting to not use the listen to your heart mansion for everything going forward. It just seems like a more comfortable living environment. In now with a year away from it, you know the fans will be removed from even longer I wonder if they'll be a pullback. They're being see what happens but who knows I sounds like they're working to make Bachelorette. Season Happen, I know also they're working behind the scenes to do. These like recap shows that we talked about a few weeks goes well where they kind of highlight a season, and like a three hour period of time. Yeah, so the the producers at the bachelor are busy at work. Oh, I should also mention that Chris Harrison says that he's not okay with it. Being Zoom season and I don't think any fan would be. No I. Don't think that I think that would be a whole new show, and I think really hard to get into first. Kaitlyn Bristowe Tanner Tober and more members of Bachelor nation react to crystals and Victoria Fuller's relationship this according to US magazine so funny. How people are just so weirded out by this couple for some reason I'm not that weirded out by it because I mean. Are, we supposed to think that every couple of makes sense on paper in life. No, we don't know Victoria like how she is in real life, and you and I know Chris and who knows maybe they're compatible, or maybe they're the perfect ying Yang, sweet, sour, salty mix, right where she's a little bit more outspoken, a little bit more outgoing She's she's got a little bit more of an attitude. And then curses, so laid back, and just Sweden and go with the flow that perhaps like. It's really a good combination I. Have we yet to get it officially confirmed that they are dating now. I mean like pretty much confirmed it being that she took a picture in made the Geo Tag. Iowa let's state was his trial. Oh shoot I don't know. It's a little town. Iowa Arlington IRA. Well that would be a pretty good I don't know why be passing. There was that, and then they also took in posted the same picture of a sunset to their instagram stories. It's kind of cute I think it store I mean. But we talk about the pressure on a new relationship. You're talking about like probably never having met each other in real life to being quarantined for what seems to be. She's still there, but like she was there for at least two weeks to three weeks. How do you go from no time together to three straight weeks of no long time. It would be a big change granted I. Think Chris Property so big that? If they need to get away, they could but yeah I. Mean that is I, but I also feel like. We've seen some successful corentin relationships. Obviously, we announced Peter and Kelly. Art Together. Jessica! I had never spent. As much time as we're spending together now I know you and jared are getting good like marriage time with your families. It feels like people are if they're able spinning some really quality time with their partners and I haven't heard of any massive fall yet. Yeah me neither said we'll see. Hannah Brown's mom appears to throw shade at her daughter's Ex Jed Wyatt is according to e online. Okay so this week. Hannah's mom posted an instagram was her brother's birthday, so her son's birthday and the caption read this. Thank you, God for letting him stay with me a little bit longer. You listen to my prayers, and he is going to have a wonderful life. She captioned with the photo, being a picture of Patrick. And then it says the best mothers anyone could ask for and I don't have a son in law. That hurts my ears when he sings. So there's shade very random. Thoughtful, message toward her son, and then she says glad I. Don't have a law. That doesn't hurt my ears when he sings. With a prayer hands EMOJI. It's says prayers have been answered. She went atom. She went Har. It's so random. Randomly Yeah. You're talking about your son, and then all the sudden. You talk about your possible seven law from a year ago. Yeah that she did not, she did not take. Lightly at judge harder to him. must be an inside joke. Maybe then Hannah goes on and writes underneath the photo, saying mom, we should probably make some edits to this, which is a pretty funny response. Well another headline of Hannah Brown Bachelor, Brown says she single, but definitely wants to be in a relationship according to people not much more to the story, except for the fact, that Hannah has been single for pretty much a year now, and she says she hasn't been ready today until just about now, however, of course. The, quarantine situations not making that easy, it's. I'm still. There's so many tyler topics that come up week to week. And can we call it insane. It is insane. This one's the next is Tyler Cameron reveals the heartbreaking reason. He's not ready to date so basically. This says that Tyler's mom of course passed away a couple of months ago and that right now. He's focusing on taking care of his brothers. Both of them are. Significantly younger, his youngest brother is twenty years old, and he just feels like it his place to kind of. Take over that nurturing role for them, and he doesn't think it's appropriate time to start dating someone new, especially of course and quarantine will in the same breath Ashley Taylor Cameron wants to set up his dad with Bachelorette Pal Dylan. Barbers mom this according to US magazine Yes, so we know that Dylan's father passed away a couple years ago, he talked about that in the indepth episode, and his mom seems to be ready to date and Tyler's Dad, who divorced his mom who you know recently passed away..

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