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And I'll tell you I'm sixty seven years old I'm a partner I thanks to you I have a brokerage account and my IRA those two are at TD Ameritrade you know my HSA I can no longer contribute and it earns nothing in the bank it's in a bank and so I'd like to do something more with it to grow it and I recently heard that fidelity now has a health savings account which I'm do you know about I'm assuming you just work at like any other brokerage account that's correct yes fidelity does but I I I TD Ameritrade doesn't I think they do there's something called lively that I just briefly looked at and and you work that through TD Ameritrade but I know what you're saying about TD Ameritrade do I want another account you know they'll go you know okay okay no you don't okay so yeah you would open up our HSA cancer Dougherty and it's just treated like any other investment account the only thing I well you don't really have to worry about deductibles at this point so really probably not an issue so yeah I think that's a great idea to do that I would be you know I'd be conservative about how you invest it for instance you might want to keep I don't know fifteen percent in I have all my all my first category on my buy list the cash thanks you might want to put it in that genie may find that I have I think it's like the third or fourth one down for your keep all your cash in there and maybe at least have you know fifteen percent in cash and then the other things try to stick to things like the utilities and are you know the large cap you know solid foundational kind of things okay so I will I wouldn't necessarily use your income portfolio percentages and like have another income portfolio in there or you can absolutely if you are that is that what you're using now the company so yeah I know you know you you definitely could so do you use the tracker bath yes okay really so I would just add whatever money is in the fidelity can indeed the same individual actor that's going to put you now under a little bit some of those areas and I would just I would just fill that accordingly I think that's a fine idea okay now one other question on that it is I have thought about I've been blessed with good health I have never taken anything out of the HSA for at that expense anything I've had been I just pay you know of my pocket but what if I just gradually got that money out of the HSA I know I'd have to pay some taxes on it but and and just you know put it used that can put into my regular brokerage account would be more profitable to do it that way less well I would say this I think it's a good idea to do it I I don't know that it would be more you know it's not going to be yeah more profitable it's going to be the same but at the same time I do think it's a good idea to you know pay the taxes on it and not be faced with the minimum required distribution us some day and not have to deal with that I would rather you get that in your investment account and get as much money as you can in your investment account so over the next few years you can probably get that done and it's I don't have an issue with you paying the tax on that at all okay okay I'll consider that died yeah yeah I think that's a great idea that back like that but yet on the other hand it's been stashed earning nothing for so long that it's ridiculous yeah yeah I know you got to get it to work yeah okay as and now you're in a position where you're never going to use the riders you know so yeah all right okay yeah okay all right thank you so much I appreciate it thank you for your partnership goblins but I let me go to Darryl in Mississippi had our Hey Dan how you doing good my wife and our partners will continue to be okay so much all you do thank you quick question regarding an investment investment firm called the cruise long portfolio Yanni comments on it no not really I mean I do I do I would I would just say to you that I would look at their holdings are there not biblically responsible if that if that is something that you're striving to do it's not going to be all Israeli companies are it is so keep that in mind as well but yeah I mean other than that I mean I haven't I haven't studied it but I do know that much about I appreciate so much all right thank you we go to Paul Mississippi Hey Paul hi Dan how are you good all right I'm forty seven I just recently found a program about a month ago my wife and I have a new teams each from our prior for one case we both changed jobs several years ago and were convinced by financial adviser to invest in a new case because of the the so called correction in the stock market when no bottle within has president out which are which are found out from this new this probably with some bad information my question for you I'm like yeah I'm forty seven hours forty eight I work for a school system R. sum in a in a pers retirement now she has a four one K. actually the nurse which we do it use a notation which is right outlet mature and then walk mower to something different or should we just car losses Malan and walking or something how how long have you had him down one we've had for about five years one for about six or seven I think it's a ten year maturity on both of the five member correct so what is to surrender charge you know what percentage it is I do not okay I would say I know that go ahead they they they wanna make about six and a half percent each year and at the time I figured that wasn't that wasn't bad it was better than what I could do an STD or anything else in the bank so yeah I would I would take a look at what your percentages you know there's a percentage of surrender charge they don't have to pay them each year goes down a little bit so it is you know I would say if it's are you you have more money than you started with right I do yeah yes I have so I would just start take a look at that I think that I don't think you should stay in there for sure and I think you need to make make the move I don't want you to take a loss I don't want you to take something that's positive and turning into something that's a negative but if you're gonna give up three percent you know I and and still be positive which I suspect you will be I I would do it I would move it now it is you know sooner rather than later I just moved into so you know I think at that point yeah I mean I think you've got to develop a a portfolio I mean I would I would look at your age group and look at what kind of portfolio that you want to develop for the long term unit do far far better than you would in that and nobody over the long term maybe you just now I'm gonna be putting up a an ECF portfolio and I'm going to you know B. B. are putting that out this I hope this weekend I'm I'm not a hundred percent certain I'm not a technical issue but if that works out I'll be able to load them up and if it does that might be a good thing for you to do you can just do that kind of forget about it and I think that would that would be are you going to contribute any money to yes what we have you know we have between three and five hundred dollars which money every month left over that we're wanting to start investigating okay I don't know if it's always this is a new PMR these and nobody's IRA annuities do you know they all they are okay the sellers to north American need something and I can't remember what the other one is different yeah yeah so you have to you have to roll it into a traditional IRA so you don't pay all the tax on it other won't be any penalties or tax and yeah I think you and you have to roam into two separate IRA accounts obviously because once in are they a Leicester both in your name no they're not they're one in each okay so yeah.

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