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With Tracy Taylor. Just going to throw this out. There drivers that normally use the battery street and all you better get use of this. Because tomorrow night as of ten o'clock, it shuts down and shuts down for good. So again, keep that in mind if you're going to be traveling in and out of bell town. So again, the battery street tunnel closes tomorrow night at ten o'clock permanently. All right. Let's talk about what's going on right now. I just got a tweet at and text message at nine eight nine seven three talking about the lineups on four zero five and five to seven. And I know I've been talking about these are backups for at least a half an hour. And that's because there's a traffic signal that is out on the Bothell Everett highway at four oh five. So again, that's what's causing the hold up. And yeah, it's been pretty miserable through that area. Looking at a lineup on westbound five twenty starting from ninety second across the bridge. Ninety from the birther island lead heading up to the I five merge. However, the drive hitting in the eastbound direction is in great shape. Northbound five very busy around the Michigan curve into the downtown corridor. Southbound five from just after Lake City through downtown southbound four five still struggling outside of Bellevue wreck on northbound five out near Southcenter. That's taking up the two left lanes. You're going to run into a wreck at rainier in college street. Southbound five at Berkeley and earlier wreck on northbound five at one seven in Tacoma has cleared out of the way. And I just saw the tweet from Hannah's Scott. She is down at the Moore theatre tonight. And yes protesters are kind of in and out of the street at second in Virginia. Traffic is brought to you by Accountemps. Need additional staff to support your month end projects account temps, have you covered. Account temps provides highly skilled temporary professionals when you need them. Visit accounttemps dot com account temps, a Robert Half company. Kiro radio realtime traffic, I'm Tracy Taylor. Now from KIRO radio news room and streaming on the KIRO radio app an eleven year old boy hit by driver on a highway near Olympia has now died the Washington state patrol says the driver fled.

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