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A e. W am i number three Considering they're about to ink out a new deal rumblings are maybe they might be doing something with discovery communications amil. W those were the ones that i was looking at those promotions that i was looking at so the fact that he's ended up in a w that's bad ass. I remember i remember coming up with an idea. Of what if alastair black would become of the dark water essentially taking place and a lot of people had said to me not mad. That's a that's a pretty bad idea. Now man that that ideal fucking saux unit. You don't wanna go in that direction but the more you know people have thought about like you know could work. But it's honestly not needed. Somebody like him. No he should just fly. Solo lambie be a solo. Act more bad ass as a solo act. This is a great acquisition. By a w insincerely is. Because i was here on this show weeks back. I remember when i first reacted to the news of his release. I said to you guys. I said you know of audio releases. This is the most stunning the most surprising. Because this guy The dot com right. You know he could have been your necks. Siham bunk So to speak. I mean just as if you really kinda take a step back you see exactly. What i'm talking about is not just a cosmetic thing eaters to us the whole attitude the whole or not dark unorthodox style that he has in the rain just a la with that guy. You just had a few sprite for this fucking guys so The fact that he got released out of twenty twenty one the most surprising releases for sure him but woods. Wwe's loss is eight ws gain. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens. With cody Look he's in good hands. He's in great hands. Because if anybody is gonna do a phenomenal job. In really putting him on that pedestal and just really skyrocketing him in all. Dat cody can't know but at the same time we we gotta be careful here. We gotta be careful here. Because we've seen cody now would a few guys and look look what's going to happen eventually. Qodian malachi black malachi. Blacks gotta get that first up. He's got to. He's got to get that first up. Okay with there being a rubber band match. What he's gotta get deffers dub we gotta really set that tone we gotta get him off white high but when it comes to out of three matches pretty much who's going to be the overall victor malachi blacks got to be the one that needs to go over seriously..

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