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This is the buffalo stampede pre game show you know I never know you never wonder about why we live in boulder Colorado if you really want to know why it's one of these days right here we got sunshine where the sixties today odd here at Franklin for you'll just to the south end of the indoor practice facility is we get set for the calling the buffaloes the Stanford cardinal for homecoming two thousand like to you know everybody looks like coach Gary Barnett said you little sort of silent today a voice to the bus mark Johnson hello I'm sorry alongside hall of Famer Gary Barnett Thursday night at the vet center file table story here months ago when it first came out the year is going to be put the whole thing anyway I text message right to call your whole favorite I said no your majesty will be fine you know it's not on making love however I will tell you this the other day on social media I I got a big kick out of this hi I put something up about Gerry going the hall of fame and I got a quote here that somebody wrote to me about Gary Barnett Gerry is the best dot dot dot and he loves fried pickles what that has to do with anything is there absolutely right Barnett she does not well so we got to go the whole of whatever you're doing all you told me we could have time with this ball gable ten of your doctor use will be honored down the field what a classical just off the top here that was such a a phenomenal event the other night great class I know you're you're terribly honored by all the the gesture by the university only and unbelievably honored and humbled that one I'm was chosen to be in the hall of fame but to go in with the people that I went in with I was so fortunate to be able to be the first one up and so I could thoroughly enjoy what everybody else said I have to worry about what I was going to say it was over with and surprised me with that anyway I mean I knew a good offers but but it will it enabled me to listen to very Helton them Brian Cabral talk and Jenny Simpson and everybody else that was they were so much fun to listen to Bruce Campbell they just have great stories to tell and you know I think one of the things I learned when I when I went off to college and join a fraternity of a really good for turning is that I I learned precision for excellence in so many different areas of life and so to hear someone else's struggles and how they accomplished what they did in a in another sport I have such an appreciation for that I think it will it was it was a great honor for you and it obviously for all ten that would be on a Thursday night at the see we've answered Italy I don't have time here today all right let's start talking to football buffalo's pain Stanford go to start with you the game last week that that that was are you a what's the best way to put it a disjointed game last week and it was a very frustrating for me and I I think of of birds off for the day the coaching staff to swallow this weekend but once you see online it was and it was disjointed mark there was no flow in that game and when I when I went home and started thinking about what happened in that game it was just missed opportunity after missed opportunity we could never get a rhythm going in when that happens you are just shooting from the hip you were trying to find something that will establish some rhythm thought defensively considering where we were and and the injuries and that sort of stuff and how young we are that I thought we played well enough on the defensive side to win that game I agree but office of Lee now for three or four weeks in a row we have just not been able to provide the consistency in a game to win it because everybody knew going into this season and we've talked about it constantly is that we knew defensively we're gonna have to hang on find some stops but often simply we have the tools or at least it looked as though we have the tools that we were going to be able to force people to have to stay up with us that hasn't happened for a number of reasons but it hasn't happened and I think there's a great deal of frustration that the has built up in the fan base in in in in the press box has not to you I can yeah marks really discouraging the SL he'll be alright but it is happening as we sold it tennis the cloud the way you think yeah and we talk about this football team and so it's reality and everybody has to deal with it I think that that's the thing you use your touches upon here that so frustrating I think is is we all knew going in there we're going to be maybe some rough days and the faces are the ball because you got a fifth year senior quarterback if you've got a guy like little Beastie should also you've got to who by the way has not been healthy and will play but still really isn't healthy but you expected that side of the ball to carry this team and in large part it just has not happened yeah and I think that's when coach talks about the frustration felt last week I mean you get an interception you get a chance to be in a game that is right for you goal yeah sure feel that the you know coach is talking about the the opportunities a defense that you weren't expecting the lean on let you lean on them a bit last week and you just don't really do anything with it and that was what will it was just tough to see and again it's another I think I get the fans frustration because mark as you well know now coach watched two last year unfortunately this just feels way too much like deja vu from a year ago where you thought you know what a good position here to maybe at least go a little bit born here in and now it looks like your fight an uphill battle for that to happen I think it does on the surface if you if you really you decide is is we are it feels very different on the inside so to say that very very clearly the job that Mel is doing and how was kind of managing this talk to a little bit about Stephen montres today Steven with his first touchdown pass will break the all time record for touchdowns Phillips sixty one that'll set him apart from self Lou file here from Cali Hawkins he's going to be leased average about a hundred sixty yards passing a game because the all time passing leader yardage there is so much talent and potential with Steven and our good friend and and my coworker the welcome ever talk to the office to relay about Stephen at about him coming up all these records to get you always kind of think well boy he could have done more it it's only a little piece goes to Bostock come away take a look at it is really good for the goose is the recently some numbers yesterday Stephen is it got the best touchdown to interception ratio of any quarterback in the top ten occult history got the fuse interceptions already the top four quarterbacks in call of history of abuse of any quarterback with Lisa thousand pass attempts to use the fourth best quarterback rating old time in the top ten and the best well the way of the top four better than sepuluh faculty Hawkins cordial class he is the second best completion percentage in the top ten that's including quick death marine Kordell Stewart trails only only sepuluh fell he he's Stephen is a little bit we love the kid I mean he's he's one of my favorite athletes of ever cover here cholera he's in a neat my as he walks out here because the numbers would say he's going to be as good as any quarterback to sever played here in there you always kind of your left wanting more little bit was Steve well here's our judges a quarterback how many games did you win win if you have fifteen and yeah for example Bobby passive it'll will probably not appear only in that list's history okay we were in the big twelve with Bobby precedent and so what's happened is offenses nowadays and and probably the last ten years have become so dependent on quarterback and quarterback play that it basically predicts the his plate predicts whether you win or lose and in that wasn't so in fifty years ago for example the last forty years ago last time I. coach but now it is and so every thing centers on how Stephen Montez does and that's how everybody use our football team offense of late we have not had an office where we can found out two hundred fifty yards Chris Brown can finish the game Bobby purify can finish the game and it hasn't happened in so everything comes down to everybody watching Stephen Montez and when he throws it well when he performs well everybody loves him and when he doesn't were frustrated because it probably means we're not going to win the game and so any more offenses in less you can build in a component of your office that can take over for miss firings or a bad day or misread or a sax that that maybe were not caused by the offense of line until you have a component that in your office they can take care of that this is always going to be true of any quarterback to please any level and so Stevens a victim of that a little bit there's no question he has been a very productive cornerback and in the last fourteen years over the last four most productive over the last fourteen years that we that but at the same time how many games have we want to know so full gets credit for all the games we won in two thousand sixteen except for the course one Stephen one and in Oregon but then after that we've not had a winning record we have not gone to a bowl game and so guess who's who who has to be a step that response because of the position he plays of when you play that position when you step out there and when you're in front of everybody and you're the one they take all the press meetings and you're the one that goes on television guess what you get you get all the victory soon get the lawsuit with more losses there are victories but he will he he will here today on a company will go out and sell to a standard to today and the set the all time touchdown record here at the university of Colorado Hey Bossman store to fly by hazel's beverage role to stock up your next children conveniently located twenty going to Berlin boulder hazel's the official pregame.

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