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You recall any of your first big wins or things that you considered big wins at the time and i'd love to just hear you describe what made the big win in other words the thinking behind it the funny thing is i can hardly remember my big wins i do remember my big losses we talk we can talk about those two yeah it's so it's so funny because you you know know i look at it and i said well i i guess i must've had a bunch of wins or successes because of you know how things of went in the businesses good and done well and all of that but like i think of my history and i really think of those mistakes and i think that's so great because it shows that that's a much better learning tool but okay so my big wins you know no i think about that that time i think no of the things i remember with the with the fun things a guy you know guys played rugby with parties and and those kinds of things i don't remember particularly big winning while i do remember some things you know i remember one time when we got the kodak count again i was a position it's okay here's a guy and he's analyzing the markets and then he has small team of people zanu allies in the markets and so i didn't have a long track record i didn't have institution and a you know sort of competing with the big institutions of the world jp morgan than everybody and am by the way we beat them while anyway which shows that the individuals powers within the individual but anyway i remember when we got the kodak account because at the time kodak was you know a big important client and them giving us that account was a big deal for us because it was kind of a stamp of institutional approval and it was i remember you know the money mattered to because we would know that we were a bit more financially secure so i remember that as a big win and i remember it so terrifically because we were asked to submit research information and we were just a small team of people and you know we stayed up all night with you know pizza beer all of that and i remember it so sweetly because it was the dream of making our mural happened and we and pulling together that's the meaningful relationships part i believe that i want meaningful work and meaningful relationships and so that was what that was about and we got the account and we want in that was a that was a big deal why did you guys win i think it's a combination of of being you know totally unconventional and having better processes than a hell of a lot of determination i think three things make up the successful life by large i you have to allegations goals big dreams then when you are headed toward those goals you're gonna have problems you're going to deal with reality you have to deal with those problems in that reality realistically learning from stakes writing down those principles in the like so that's the second part dealing with reality in a practical way where you learn about mistakes and then the third is terminated because if if you're going field goals and you're encountering your mistakes and you're learning and you do that with determination you're going to get better all the time you can't help but get better and you do that a long amount of time and you're going to far exceed your dreams nice successes far succeeded what i ever imagined in a one bid at a time just that process if you were to conversely look at intelligent people who are unhappy what do you think the primary causes of that unhappiness are i think it goes back to this notion of meaningful work meaningful relationships intelligence and happiness probably have no correlation with each other in studies the repeatedly been shown and money is very little correllated with happiness the highest correlation with happiness is community a my part of a community do i feel connections with other people that's been literally genetically programmed into us from jested between a million two million years ago before it was we were even mankind so that sense of meaningful relationships.

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