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ECOMOG met tried to matter before being there was a thing which is Kinda Co.. As as an hour maybe time, maybe they'll they'll run up out of night but. I'M A hi. Hopeful saying wholesome franchises come back for one last go. fetter software that was pretty cool. Small face is that Ron Reynolds is doing something quite amazing. He's shipping the Group Initiative or a group effort initiative. US should say, which is a a self-financed diversity and inclusion program, and the goat of this is to give people of color a chance to work and learn. Under. He's he's productions, banner unders, productions company that means he aims to bring intend to twenty Chinese who are black or indigenous our people of color who from mushrooms communities across I, each and various spectrums of life to come and what needs production house on various films. That's nice we need people who there motionless. Canadians, Clinton Labor can either let's paypal singing imagine on instagram thinking actually do action. At a actually like Mike should happen. He's just a a stand up tonight. She's so lovely days other. He's going to be a English coal house being accused of domestic violence in twenty years like Johnny Depp is currently, but you never know. For, legal reasons we must site we. Choose is fine. Out Yeah Yeah allegedly allegedly recites Ed sorry. Let's let's finish off I. Mean it's not not much news this week but let's talk trade. It was dropped Liam Nason. Somehow is still making action movies. He's made a action movie, the honest faith and the try to drop. The Synopsis Movies Essentially, a Mason plays a bank robber is been robbing banks all of his life, and in the twilights years has found love law he's decided to come clean. So he went to a local police station. The Benko you've been full. And said I'll hand off my money but turns out the cooks. And they took his money and framed him for murder. on the land trying to clear he's nine being Torres Bank robber whilst trying to protect the women he loves I mean. I love Shitty action. Flick as much as the next guy, but it's caught with kind of seen this movie before. Is Liam Nathan the right guy replying movies the diesel things anymore like there's one hilarious in Detroit away. It's just basically it can I described two old men fighting where tossing what each other and I fold out of a window. It's not as bad as the fight scene in God. What was The gangster movie on Netflix. Yarosh. The Can may be at particular flight so in but it does still look at it Oh bit pants but then again yeah. Well, you try yet. Now. I haven't I'm you pretty much described exactly I seem so. We gotta take what we can gather moment. True a lot of people like I still stand by this. Guy Said, streep things, innings of you're never condemned the so. buffoonery is Halcion the numbness to to what he was saying because it was constructed the way he did say stuff for the film he was promoting at that point was actually a really good film I really do recommend it. But other than that is not really much else that has happened. That that's it for. This week. I never done this over. Obviously. We're no physically together, but there's no reason why Can't communicate over the Internet, nothing's going to happen. Should is sitting in a circle. Spit it. We invite you to use us to us on any communication. Is anyone there. Please come for. We're talking about this over the start. The episode we're going to be reviewing it now shut original code host. This is a horror movie. It's very, very unique in it's it's been filmed entirely over his co... The film Zarni an hour long and raising for that gets that in a minute. But essentially zoomed photos the course of six people who high a medium to hold a silence over Uzumcu, and this is done during lockdown life imitating art and all that and essentially things wrong think paramore tippety. Mates May skype essentially at this film. Is so good at building up tension very very quickly. It gets a lot of dialogue don very snappy down a very civil conversation at some things that comes across. If you listened in view, you've already heard some of this side of try out ground so much but odie actors actually life is basically having a week zoom co during lockdown just keep themselves sane whether it's doing their various film quizzes or just catching up on life. rights is. This a prank, an from that prank, it bursts into a youtube video which got like seven million hits and then banged they've got they've got a movie all of a sudden they didn't went and finance since and got support for. So I absolutely was not expecting this films be as good as it is. Now disrespects the paper that made it. It's just that when you hear small independently the kind of Mida Zoom. So suffering is not that good. Seriously this is amazing in terms of like it just pull out the failings of tension fittings of dreads, and because you've got the limitation of the Ernie viewpoint you have is their face for a Webcam. Within never, you only have one perspective which means how very creative with how they used negative spice. Helda. Used little things in the background. I'm going keep coming back power no mark demonstrate because this is why I've had the Seinfield's of the just. The Following the person on the screen right now at she on following someone else's screen because in my peripheral I can see a pair of legs hanging. Is GonNa go and they just in such a way where it it really does just it's just moss for storytelling and it's done so well and you can tell now now I know that they're actually friends outside of what he can see the chemistry like that actually so that the white the daughter works we travel it it does flow sorry well, and like I'm a massive fan of a fifty six minute movie and that's not because that's I'd just say something about the punch of it. John Chance to say this yet body better horror movies is that what is this stuff safety? I while I mean I've light you are if you put the premise out without people are okay. That sounds interesting. But old of reviews in CEOS even from the trade I kind of deduced they've done pre effective job. We've got the tools that. And sometimes you tiny people when you remove. Limitations and the minister kind of just a small box to offer in can really come up. So amazing. So I'm Lou wet impressed, and ready. Glad that people. Make this. I mean it makes you feel like shit that with been doing during lockdown is recording podcasts and binge watching TV these people actually went in crate it up and It's yeah `and one of the things which I'm reading a lot reviews because a major outlets picnics out very very quickly and Escaped my backup that law Peterson yeah, it's good for look. Cool thing United just. Right. Great horror movie and. I, really hope this births a bunch of sequels I hope that everyone involves gets a truckload of money Amazing things as a result of this because it's deserved like this I really am champion this movie I really did enjoy it and I haven't been scared like that in a long time bit. Put this stuff Covering my eyes will put in my muffing and then some over this movie in particular I didn't want it to end when what happens next I'm not against any spoilers territory Guy Wealth these these six individuals have to arisen who is very much necessities is the mother of innovation and the necessity for having to do this in isolation having to do this on their own savage distance in Mississippi homes and stuff it's just done in such a like you say it's something you think. too, hot is fucking hard. We actually think about the detail were the heads do I am really up initiatives surprise package from a. m. I think that be cheap in comparison to what he's GonNa Bring in terms of subscriptions but. Probably know enough compared to how great this movie at she is compared to Next guy what some critics assigning lockout runs might is right now sitting at one hundred percent on the Mehta and the audience school is giving ICT percent very high praise. Indeed guy about what some some priorities roads about this guy at the New York. Times side host observes uncannily.

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