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And we don't have kids yet or pets, so it's a little challenging meeting new people. Do you have any suggestions for finding other girlfriends or spouses of entertainment industry folks? Is there a support group or something? Or could you share any ways you cope with a significant other being out of town for long periods of time? So I wanted to include this because I don't actually think it's a niche. It's niche and that your significant other works in entertainment. But I don't think it's niche for people to have partners who are gone for long periods of time. Certainly if you have a spouse in the military, they are gone for months to years. And I've had friends who haven't seen partners in the military and they haven't seen them for almost, you know, they're gone for a whole year. So that can be really intense and I do think it really helps to have other people who understand what it is like to have a spouse who has gone for long chunks of time. So I don't know if there's any sort of support group. I think that's like a Google able thing for sure, but I would just even see if you can connect with a significant others of the people who your partner works for. Like ask them like, hey, does anyone else have a spouse who's hanging around? I'd love to grab coffee with them. I think it's good advice. I think also just like pursuing other interests. Is always good. I mean, whether it's like taking up a new sport or hobby or just like anything that gets you out and interacting with other people, I mean, Kate, you've taken up pickleball. I am passionate about pickleball. I love it so much. I haven't got like ventured into my community courts yet because I'm still a beginner and I'm a little apprehensive about the intensity out there, but that's definitely it's apparently a very welcoming community and it definitely a way to meet people for sure. Yeah, or like join a dodgeball team or kickball team or softball team, or if you're not into sports, do something at all. I don't know. Try out for community theater. Join a choir, go to church. There's a lot of, I think there is community out there, if you look for it, but it is going to probably take a little bit of effort. Yeah, and I actually like the point you're making that it doesn't need to be connected to just other people whose spouses are gone for long. I think it can help to have other people who understand what that's like, because as someone who has been through that, it is really weird and isolating and hard. But I think Dora, you make a really good point. And I think the suggestions you're making are how you cope. That is exactly your significant other being out of town for a long time. You have to rely on yourself to get out there. And actually, you know what, after the break, we're going to play a voicemail from a couple who called in with some like friendship making tips. So that could also be helpful. All right, well let's take a break. Okay, BRB. You know, you don't really hear much about it, but around 16.5 million adults in the U.S. have eczema, including my esteemed podcast co host, Doris shaffer. Hello. And one of my children. That's a ton of people. And while it affects people in a bunch of different ways, and a different levels of severity, the asthma and allergy foundation of America, found that over 15% of adults with the most common type of eczema actually make changes around their life to accommodate it. It's a lot. Luckily, today's sponsor glad skin has a great product that promotes healthy skin with balanced products through their unique protein microbalance. So this protein restores the natural balance of good and bad bacteria like other products just wipe out everything. 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With a promised hi Kat and Dora, this is grace, I'm driving to Michigan with my boyfriend and we were just listening to many apps three 42 where the listener asked was a girl to do in her 30s to make friends. You know, and I'm the same 36. And I think there's one piece in what Dory's response was that was missing, which was, you know, you can go to all those activities and play tennis and do a lot, but what I find is really effective is once you go to those things, actually asking you people you need there for their numbers. And reaching out afterwards, that would follow up to, you know, if you meet someone a ton of class, text them later to say, do you want to hit some time or other volunteering events saying, move on to together next time, let's go get brush. And otherwise, things just don't happen naturally. You have to do take that extra step. My boyfriend or just discussing that and that we call in to share that feedback and our own experience, trying to make friends as in our 30. The other one I'll just give a shout out is the junior league. Which is a fantastic volunteering organization for women. There's chapters in every city. In fact, I learned that president of the Chicago chapter that I'm in also forever 35 lister, so hi Kristen. And I've just met a ton of awesome women through the junior league. So highly recommend that, I know it's different in each city, but my experience in Chicago and also in the London league have both been very, very positive. Well, June junior league. That reminds me of my mom. I don't think I never have really thought about June. Also, hello, shout out to the president of the junior league who's also listening. Yeah. So much. Yeah, junior league. I don't know much about them, but that's a cool suggestion. And I also think this listener's right, like you have to kind of like, you have to pursue, you know? Well, and you know, I think, and I feel like we've talked about this a little bit before, but I think it can be tough going from environments where friendships happen a little bit more organically or maybe even a little bit more passively, I think. You're in school, you're if you went to college or in college, if you went to grad school, you're just thrown in with hundreds,

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