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And that's credit though carter penn state sports network lear filled on that fantastic call their hudson is happy battle is there a static we should lead snow penn state head coach james franklin joins mike and mike at eight thirty eastern tomorrow morning which will be fantastic jordan i watched that and i thought okay the was alarming to me to think that we were actually having a conversation about whether or not james franklin was going to run out the score on on jim harbaugh and the michigan wolverines i want to get your thoughts on that but before we do microtarget live from the falcons patriots gonna join us give us an update their mike what's going on all all right the shortest touchdown pass tom brady will overthrow was on eight ships wave as brandin cooks went from his right running across the left in the back field tom brady literally took the shotgun snapped dropped it into the hands of brandon cook who then outraced a handful of falcons early or pretty and yard but the brunt left pylon and the first touchdown of this game extrapoint was good the patriots waited seven nothing the falcons side to thirty seven yard field goal by matt bryant uh late in the first quarter black bike blocked by carefully marty key play on that patriots touchdown scoring drive was a personal file adrian claiborne going high on tom brady as brady was intercepted in the end zone to play later it was brady again handing off a literally dropping the ball in the hammed a brandin cooks for the touchdown southern up and patriots early second quarter thanks a lot mike and we will continue.

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