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Illegal back that. This was just a romantic comedy. Oh this is fun worke does he? Love me Starring Sharon Fenn Julian Sands and bill. Some of these people are dead The plot follows a surgeon. Who's growing obsession with a woman? Leads him to amputate her limbs and hold her captive in his home after she suffers. A car accident. Oh gained notoriety. Before it's released after protracted legal battles with Madonna and Kim basinger both of whom backed out once they read the script debuted at Sundance Film Festival received critical praise what after receiving an NC seventeen rating yet. No Shit watching a Guy. Fucking abdomen is movie band now. Almost given an R rating on appeal releasing United States in September nineteen ninety-three but then received critical backlash and was a financial failure. I think this is what we're watching to tailor Omega. Oh I have one more question before we were. I got you don't have to. I mean I mean we. Why not my question for you is? Have you been the type of person that during this time has wanted to watch things like outbreak in contagion? No okay all right now really left me alone zero zero This is where French events I know. This sounds pretty confident. You're GONNA be like maybe if I haven't said this the entire podcast and I think someone needs to write me a check. When I was your age I finally said it. I think I would've but I have gotten it so hammered therapist doesn't let me she basically like you cannot watch that shit the way your brain works. You just can't see I haven't seen Chernobyl. I can't watch shit like that if folks me up for weeks. Chernobyl did fucked me up because it made me think about death. I always think about death though. Really low all the time every day. Yes every day. I'm thinking about death if things are going well how do you think you're going to die? I think I'm going to get sick. Do you think we all know how we're going to die. No Gun to our heads. No I don't think any of US know. Yeah Gun to your head. How are you going to die? I'm here I'm thinking on that? Here's my thing anxiety wise. I try to worry about everything so that it won't happen because I feel like what you worry about sense of control. Yeah almost never happens at least not exactly that way kind of person. And here's what I'll say. I think there's a war on worrying. There's a war on anxiety and I'm always a person saying ing. Zaidi does serve a purpose. It protects the most anxious people and the tribes are the ones that really out of line. Is that a line. And they got out of there and they survived right here. Annoying served a very important purpose in our reptilian brains And in tribal time. Now it's just some of us have a little too much of it just directed at the wrong things right you know. We were worried about Getting wrinkles when we should have worried about a virus yes. We're just worrying about the wrong thing. This is what I'm saying though I when I worry about everything. Whatever I don't worry about is what ends up happening. I had worried about literally everything else I was like. The Big One's GonNa hit You know a family member of mine is going to die I'm going to die. I'M GONNA get in a car accident like I thought of. All these things that could happen around My good news. Which was that? I had a special coming out and none of those things happened. The one thing that haven't was a pandemic that threatens Nali the business as a whole but our entire world And I think I didn't think of it because I didn't watch contagious because to me I was like that will make me spire. I'M NOT GONNA watch it. That'll make me spiral that's going to happen and now I'm like I should watch it so that I can prepare something I'd like something. Rake prepare. Yes I don't know. And they signed the vaccine at the end of contagious. I looked it up. Took them an hour? Forty minutes our forties right. I'm just comfort. I literally got to the point where I was like. Can the person that wrote contagion get involved in this? You can the Hollywood screenwriters that have been spending years researching pandemics. They probably know more than a lot of people who ministration now. They actually know a lot. Can The guy from house? Yeah that was like the consultant for House. Get in here yes do. Don't you feel like Tom? Hanks is going to be fine right. Yes yes so. Don't you like that makes people go? It's okay Tom. Hanks had it and he's fine and in the same way watching a movie about the same thing where at the end everything works out. You're like okay. Everything's GonNa be fine. I feel like the moment I thought we jog is really on one He's on steroids. Things are really hitting the fan. I think that when I heard Tom Hanks got it. That's when I was like we're all GonNa die really got to donate. Yeah oh I know. This doesn't care about it. Went for our leader. They went for the guy for America's sweetheart. Yeah and this is something. That does not discriminate. I think Tom Hanks had died. The entire world would be unlocked down. We'd be we would've just I mean I would have jumped off a balcony. It would have been voluntary just mess. Everybody would take would be taking this so seriously but a lot of people were probably like Tom. Hanks is now they're like why would I canceled? Spring break yeah. It's interesting to see who is a couple other celebrities have it? I mean it's yeah that's the thing with like football. No one's GonNa care about until like Tom Brady his neck. No one's GonNa do you know what I mean? It's like all that stuff. What a delight your take your life. This is how long did we go almost three hours really three more than three hours. God's amazing it is nine. Pm It's four hours ago. So how cells as my boyfriend things. I'm dead Just tell them you're cheating on honestly. This'll probably be good for our relationship because I'm always mad at him for not being worried enough that I'm dead. I'm mad at all my boyfriend still. It's not too late frayed. That's Whitney who need the Wifi Password. Though here except or just ask for it and Oh do I ask will like go to the WIFI network. Let me have it. You WanNa hear us get Taylor on Wi fi. I mean people are born in quarantine. Content is first orders. Fucking post mates on his podcast. So we're allowed to do this Okay I'll get you on okay Taylor Listener podcast She's on it now Self Helpless Self Helpless and about show on net flex. Yes quarter life crisis. You think she's halfway through your life. I thought I was. I thought I was now. I think I'm eighty percent done. This is the last partial ever do where she passes on. You know what to do. I don't know all the Benton says normally subscribe all that you're an adult. You know how this works if you haven't done it by now you're not GonNa do it. Don't ride elephants If you can donate to servers and service people that have lost their jobs Please do any amount counts your charlene. My friend WHO STARTED. I should have been prepared with this. Sorry started great thing to raise money. I tweeted about it. Just go to my twitter if you guys can Give to that just a little reminder. I gave to that As well and I'm rambling. I love you guys. Say strong safe strong. I'm really tired. Text me three to three To nope eight one eight two three nine seven five three seven. I'm GONNA stop talking. I always endless and these very awkward. I Buy Inc..

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