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They donated our breaking and entering christmas wish to be more joe's cohost for a day this has been steve's big break i saw it on social media yesterday i actually i saw you post i'm hosting the mojo in the morning i shall now what it said what do you say cohosting did you say co i don't know look at it i as i am with with you guys i thought you said hey by the way yesterday we tried to set us fletch up with meghan in and i was kind of thinking that you in meghan would also be a nice little combo yours zingel guy i feel bad for meghan is there any way now not trying to hook up now you're starting to make meghan sank a charity case now knowing how sorry i'm not a good look meghan yeah you you on a male a mustang right ideal you know i'm driving it right now thirty million i mean i'm a car girl what do you think mega i hate that you do this don't let get you jarring now gigs jobs i feel like he just wants to put me in these awkward provisions and then just watch we struggle as there la steve as fletch would say have you seen her behooves oh my god not seen them i've been fortunate to meet meghan yes yes okay now her spends a together and it's a very nice man are you blushes right now with me yes my face is so high you don't even under well we're going to be doing ed valentine's day everybody was excited issue i announced that we're gonna be doing a date meghan for valentine's day a little uh i know hopefully finding you some love steve you can enter that fill appreciate the thank you at this at the pacer goal no there's going to be a line before you get to bail uh anything i applaud before i hit the dirty i'd no just want to say thanks again for having us here the you know working with you guys is awesome we're excited about the mustang coming up and just on top of the f one fifty we're going to go and do 95 dollar fusions till the end of lease this show make it a party you.

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