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We're seeing the apps where it's, it's a lot more convenient to be able to transfer money between folks, you know, online banking has now been around for a while. But you, you have that way where you can go in there and have somebody have a check mail to you or maybe you have a Bill that can be electrically paid, but, you know, this peer to peer now allows for people to get that electron payment much much faster, and it's convenient, but with convenience also comes sometimes some security risk. So thank you. Randi hutchinson. For for filling us in on on that here on Memphis morning news. We needed to know a little bit more about that. Top stories will Don Mcgann testify, that's the big question up on Capitol Hill. If I former White House attorney for. Donald Trump will he be making his way there or not still remains to be seen. We'll be keeping an eye on that throughout the day and throughout the week if there is going to be something along. Those lines also is impeachment coming. Of course, there's a one GOP congressman the says. Oh, he's all fort friends, friends, and colleagues of his are surprised that he has come out with this, but also there is pressure that is coming onto house speaker house, majority leader, Nancy Pelosi. She's now getting pressure from the further side of the left to to begin impeachment proceedings. Now will that happen? Still don't know Pelosi says it's too divisive. But, you know, do you ever really take a congress person generally at their word, generally? Speaking, probably not I would guess anything is on, especially with next year being being an a presidential election year. Hey, don't look now but the postal service has now started testing self driving trucks. Look out on the roads folks. Yep. You're supposed to serve as testing self driving trucks on one thousand mile Mel run between Phoenix and Dallas. It's the first use of the technology for long hauls, the move comes as vehicle makers are spending millions on trucking automation..

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