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Three for now the top most downloaded episode of the podcast was literally a thorough Act Thursday. It was a re rack of Torah on the coaching corner where he talked about his book coaching business this we won't do that again because we just redirected about a week ago number two another throwback Thursday a doctor Logan Hampton of Lane College now listen we aren't adding up both episode the original broadcast with throwback these are just the numbers from the throwback so Dr Hampton and the HCC you episodes can you guess well not Dr Gates yet Dr Gates really has only been out there what two weeks or we talked about history yes he's got a lot of downloads but he hasn't been able to catch up with some of the ones that have been out there for a while number three is micon relation with the guys from East Chop capital want to get away without further ado. It's a throwback Thursday I enjoy my conversation with Calvin L. Butts Junior and Carrington M Carter of East Chop capital hey y'all this culture soup where tech culture and business collide it's a podcast at spoons up everything hot from social media I'm your host El Michelle Smith and each episode bring you some of the most notable and not yet notable thought leaders in heck business and Culture.

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