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You're Steve Rees southbound on ninety five seven nine three expressway a police office type of the car that hit the wall there and we're not seeing any lanes blocked just be aware if they were to the right and farther south on ninety five in Delaware between namens road Harvey road we have the left lane blocked until about five o'clock of course they may change their minds if any of this weather comes in especially with high winds so just be careful if you must be traveling we don't see any issues on this Google expressway but seventy six east axing for broad things do slow down a little bit here because they find out that ramp is closed when you get out on to the Walt Whitman bridge to continue east into New Jersey by the construction taking out one lane and then in New Jersey on forty two was and were fine to ninety five near forty two both directions looks like we've got some tree trimming but it's really not causing a problem right now at all seventy east kings highway right lane construction till three o'clock back over on the PA side we have a pine and ninety has been re opened earlier crane work is out of there walnut street thirteenth two juniper closed mass transit we do have the septet lifeline service schedule in effect and the Broad Street stations that are closed Tasker Morris Lombard south spring garden fair about Susquehanna Dauphin and Wyoming Logan and Chinatown stations are all closed your next update is coming up in less than ten minutes the Gary Barbera family salutes the life and service of lieutenant James Walker and offer his family friends and the Philadelphia police department our condolences thank you for the service and sacrifice the wonderful memories of lieutenant James Walker help console you god bless Philly's finest in the K. Y. W. twenty four hour traffic center I'm Stevie Reese I know the excursion forecast from the NBC ten first alert weather center is a line of the fast moving strong to severe thunderstorms that are expected to sweep through the area of the.

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