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Local news breaking news traffic and weather and can we can get them six o'clock straight up at the time thanks for joining us I'm Sam Shane my Kristina Dante this Friday March six that was chaos what went wrong in California polling places on super Tuesday and what's being done to prevent another device I'll keep it in business the local mayor and what he's doing to keep the Sacramento bee in business we're going to hear from him and how he plans to do that she is suing the northern California former police chief who is suing the city that fired her and why more on those stories coming up but first let's get now is why nobles things are looking good on our freeways around Sacramento did have an earlier accident out on white rock road that's been cleared out of their freeways are at the limit that includes eighty all the way from Roseville fifty from Paul from not a delay inside coming in from elk Grove on either five or ninety nine but if you spot something on the road in front of you and want to pass along call the KFBK traffic tip line dial pound two fifty and say traffic traffic on the tens every ten minutes mornings and afternoons Brian noble's news ninety three point one K. F. B. K. more clouds than sun today with a high of sixty four to sixty eight rather cloudy tonight there may be a bit of rain late below forty seven to fifty one mainly cloudy and cool tomorrow the shower or to live fifty to sixty two meeting mostly cloudy Sunday with a high again fifty eight to sixty two I'm accu weather meteorologist Joe Lundberg news ninety three point one K. F. B. K. currently thirty six degrees in south Lake Tahoe fifty degrees in elk Grove and fifty three degrees in Fairfield inn of the stories that are trending on this Friday morning coronavirus top of mind we've now officially surpassed one hundred thousand cases worldwide we'll have complete coverage on the California numbers in one minute but first other news this morning more reports coming out of problems with the LA county voting system causing glitches and hours long lines more from KFBK correspondent Steve Gregory secretary of state Alex Bethea has voted to give the LA county registrar's office a kick in the pants over numerous complaints about super Tuesday voters said they waited for hours and experienced broken machines Padilla said yesterday the county needs to do what many other counties in California already do successfully twenty nine days before an election automatically send vote by mail ballots and offer multiple options to return the ballot video said polling places in LA county were understaffed and workers were insufficiently trained the county's registrar dean Logan says there were some hiccups but for the most part everything went smoothly I'm Steve Gregory also this morning Sacramento mayor Darrell Steinberg has launched a new effort to organize local investors to buy the financially troubled Sacramento bee yes McClatchy's in bankruptcy and I'm worried without us taking an active stand in trying to put together some alternatives that it'll get carved up in a way that will leave Sacramento the capital.

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