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All right. He theoretically die row for a front facing. A face. Yes. With it back and forth. Yeah you are my hair. And now back to the headlines in our lead story tonight. The Democratic National? Convention. Anna. was talking about. The greatest crispy. That's right. The Democratic National Convention happened last week. And we have some great news about that. Thanks the democratic. God is dead yeah we do. Yup, we can wrap it up now. People in charge you the event finally realized that Christianity is pretty much gone from the United States and atheism is super power. So they intentionally omitted the phrase one nation under God from the Pledge of allegiance. No, they didn't. Trump they did he also had rabble rabble rouse? Ask Okay. Sure. Isn't like an ink master type villain from George Orwell's trash. Can detect bill in from George Orwell's track. Entirely possible I I I I can't. This validates the people who said see we had to put this was Jesus into it or the people who said see it didn't matter how much Jesus you put into it, but but they also the victory lap around this. So. Here's what actually happened. They recited our creepy fascist pledge of allegiance to a rectangle of fabric on all four nights that convention. And they included the phrase, one nation under God all for those times. But apparently, there were two groups of Democrats who met during the day not during the televised convention itself and they left out the word God from the pledge and both times it was because invoking Christian God would be super obnoxious like beyond the normal amount that goes along with reciting wedding vows to a flag. One of those two groups was the Muslim delegates, allies group, and the other was the lgbtq caucus. Probably had something to do with Christian God explicitly wanting to murder all those people are. Just guessing or translated out of reality into a trump tweet quote the Democrats took the word God out of the Pledge of allegiance at the Democrat National Convention at first I thought they made a mistake but it wasn't it was done on purpose remember Evangelical Christians and all this is where they're coming from. It's not done vote November third shoes all right who else am I doing bad weather okay. Got It. Got It can't believe the Democrats got long John Silver's instead of Popeye's for catering black people and all. I. Can't believe the Democrats chose skippy peanut butter when choosy MOMS clearly she? But my favorite freakout came from hate pastor and Keebler HR Guy Robert Jeffress. According to Jeffress Democrats talking about faith. It doesn't count because they weren't specific enough about faith. Interview on Fox News he said quote. Democrats talk about faith in some ethereal undefined way but they never define what that faith is. Is it faith in oneself faith in other people faith in the tooth fairy? Oh Said faith in. God. Then you have to ask. God in the Bible the. Pretty much. All Christian Baby murder most exact.

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