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In the ankle injury still putting up huge numbers being the best game breaking running back and all college football kudos to him stay for didn't have a phenomenal year wasn't a vintage stanford teen yet breaks love was spectacular lamar jackson williams to the radar after winning it last year did a really good job lost this receivers losses top running back yet he showed improvement thrown the ball and certainly a kid who deserved an awful lot of credit for not having a a year where it was kind of disappointing after winning heisman he did everything it is our local window win column you could absolute in his name did come up at the beginning of the year to could he be the first and the first cinch archie griffin to win two heisman trophy he was in the conversation that his team let them down a lot of special defensively louisville wasn't very good and he you could say individually he had as good a year if not better than he did last oh yeah i mean he's a god but again part of this it doesn't have to be that way and i try not to necessarily vote with wins and losses being at the forefront here for a players team it is an individual award and you are looking for the most outstanding player in college football not most outstanding player on a really good team and but you're looking at a baker mayfield who's been a star quite frankly since day one and it's certainly feels like this is going to be a route for him he will be the six oklahoma player to win the heisman trophy first since sam bradford in two thousand eight let me give you a little trivia here migliorato this area we call this sooner trivia this does not this does not work the way of oklahoma this is not a favorable thing throw you last two heisman trophy winners sam brad for two thousand eight what happened in the championship game against florida they lost jason white 2003 what happened to the championship game against lsu they lost just a little trend those sooner fans my hope stops after baker mayfield wednesday heisman trophy yes could appear thing to see what happens against the georgia bulldogs a georgia's slight favorite alabama slight favourite which shocked a lot of people are not to go offtrack year with them baker may feel talk but surprised at alabama is now a kid.

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