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All right. Welcome, Rick. Robert showed glandular along are right. Well, the CDC has just given me permission. Oh, thank you. See D c Thank you. We all need to turn our porch lights on and go out in the street. And I guess hit our knees tonight, a demonstration of thanks to the CDC. For allowing us to take our masks off. I'm sorry. Do I sound cynical about to do I sound Mm. Less than, uh, a appreciative well, I am See the sea can kiss me where the sun don't shine. I can now take my mask off in the house. I can now take my mask off outside as long as we're fully vaccinated. I'd want to find out what you think about this. But Karen called and she's in Dallas District seven. That's Ah Baba Booey as I call him. The the lug nut on the Dallas City Council. Karen, how you doing? Oh, I'm fine. I'm glad you do it better. Thank you. Yes, I believe in District seven and I live in the park television and by the sewer. He lives in the Personal terror's right, But there's like seven also, while I was working in my yard about Would have months ago before all the barely barely hear You guys give me a little more volume if you would. Okay, Karen, go ahead. Yeah. And I was working out in the yard and he stopped me. And I had Mr Felder, sign out. Can you hear me? Parent who stopped you? By those who he was driving to the neighborhood. Okay, That'll do it. He's a guy we were talking about. All right? What did you said? And I confronted him and he wanted me to vote for him in our head. Mr Felder sign in my yard position to who It was, By the way, they're all running for their seats. So, Karen, you had the other guys sign in your yard. So Baba Booey stopped and talked to you. Yes. Tell me what he said. Hey, asked me to vote for him and he never mentioned about Reimagining the police department and I told him he denied and that's a Hey. I heard you on Rob Mr Robert Show. He said. He never said that, and he made all kinds of cute excuses and other one to get into an hold up all the air time and all that, But he's a big liar. And then I went to both when it was voting time and one of his Supporters. Yelled at me and said that I should vote for him. And I said No, I'm voting for Mr Felder. And he was just talking awful about Mr Felder and are reported him to the church. So he's gonna be removed us, Karen. Good. First of all, thank you for the call. I appreciate it. For those of you listening outside Dallas. You've got the same sexual I don't care where you live. You've always got a lug nut or two on the City Council, right? Our city canceled in the state of air in the city of Dallas in the state of Texas, You know, they swing a pretty big stick. They got the probably a lot more power than others. City councils. Um, you know, from, uh, from a market standpoint, what are we bill or we number five radio wise. We're you know, people think of Texas. You're out in the boonies. Um, where I'm broadcasting from Right now. The state of Texas We are at least in Dallas for worth. We're the fifth largest radio market in the entire United States. I think we're right behind San Francisco. Are we not something like that New York and L A in samples? Well, anyway, we're the fifth largest market. So what you would think In in the city like this. You could put somebody on the city council that could add two and two and more often than not come up with four s O Baba boy saw his opposition. On a yard sign, so he stopped his car. Goes up and talks to Karen and denies Hey, wants to defund the police. He denies that. He said any of that. Gosh, bill, it just seems like yesterday We were talking with Baba Booey. Go ahead. How we're approaching it. We are approaching it to say reimagine public safety because we did. I'm sorry. Lot of infection. Reimagining public safety. Reimagining pulled public's Okay. What does that mean? It's essentially reallocation. So the funding has a connotation. I think associated with it that it means dismantling the police. Okay, Baba Boy, You're full of crap. All right. You said it own it. If you changed your mind than come out and say you changed your mind, I talk to you long enough to know that you were playing semantics. You didn't want to use the word defund, which through the interview, That's exactly what you were talking about. Once I got you off the reimagine thing. And the reason I did that was to let you know wherever you're listening. Don't put up with that crap. Call them out. Well, Rick, they're on the city Council. I don't care. Well, Rick there the mayor. I don't care what Rick, it's the governor. It's the city manager. It doesn't matter if they're not working on your behalf. Call him out. You know, that's the only reason the left has got kind of sway they've got is because nobody will call him out. You call him out there. Freddy. You you have a vote. Let's go to Robert in Waco. Robert, are you wearing your mask? Get out, Ric. I haven't worn one, all but a good handful of time. You know, I actually identify it fully vaccinated. Uh, right, man. Rick Robert isn't wearing a mask because he identifies is being fully fully vaccinated. Well, Robert, the CDC says As long as you're fully vaccinated, you can now take off your mask. You know, I don't know whether the throw a party or Have a block party or what did the CDC I mean? Come on that Z. That's like the sermon on the Mount, didn't it? You know how how amazing for them to be able to give us our freedom. You know, like they have any say in it. Yeah, The CDC has just given us our anay, Lina Vil rights. Don't you feel better? Right? Didn't didn't Didn't the air smell better? Don't the trees and the grass smoke flowers or sweeter? Yeah, the C D. C. The know all be all CDC is now told us we can go about the business of being free Americans. I really appreciate that, don't you? Oh, yeah, You know, I mean, I thought we were already free. But nice of them to reiterate that Give us all of our freedom, Bert. I would say all but for you, I'll tell you how big a deal this is. Robert the C D. C comes out with their little statement, and now Biden is going to address the country. Based on what the CDC said..

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