Senator Kelly Leffler, Georgia, President Trump discussed on Herman Cain



Be a debate like no other. Tonight's presidential debate will look nothing like the debates of the past with the Corona virus pandemic, forcing organizers to limit the audience to fewer than 100 people. And President Trump and Joe Biden won't shake hand and you will be able to hear the debate live right here at nine o'clock, followed by analysis and listener reaction at 95.5, double USB and on the WSB radio APP. Georgia Congressman Doug Collins picking up a big name endorsement in his race for Senate, former governor Nathan Deal tells a fund raiser in Gainesville. He's back in Colin's because quote a Senate seat representing the state of Georgia cannot be bought. Collins leads a crowded field, unseat Senator Kelly Leffler, who promises suspended least $20 million in the reelection bid. It's a race that's divided the Republican Party in Georgia. It's even divided deal and current governor Kim who pick Leffler to replace retiring Senator Johnny Isakson. President Trump has also shown support for Leffler. Higginbotham 95.5 WSB WSB Market Watch shows the Dow Down 143 points at 27,440 NASDAQ's down 29 the S and P s off 12. Wst News, Tommy Lovano, three live team coverage of traffic and weather. Here's Veronica Harrell and still dealing with the travel advisory because of the overturned tractor trailer crashed over on the East side. The inter loop is 25 south bound that ramp to 20 westbound part of that ramp is blocked. And, yes, you're slowing on 2 85 as well as 20 westbound now staying on to 85. You've got a new crash now 25 south to 85 north down the outer loop. Up around Church Street exit. 40 just cleared off to the right but still causing delays and then moving elsewhere. Still watching delays over on 25 westbound the absolute because of construction and ask for done what he wrote at 29. It takes out of right lane and.

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