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That was an exciting fest episode I want to thank everybody for listening. Now we have Final votes say the paw the share where we look back at this episode. I'm waco yeah. I find that ready or yeah. I'll tell you that way or i've learned something say jane ladies. I have learned the guys january dot. Nobody spanks i'ma quiet revealed. That's my book giving away all the secrets. We didn't have a clay. Had no clue but yeah thank you and if so this is thing because if a woman if on a day a woman is in the toilet along time they may be taking off their spanks. Say yeah say. Guys drinking the yield confirmative. Maybe here girls are in the toilet for so long is because we're messing are to to tell them a bit day. Okay number to relate to touch up our makeup talk to her friends yet. Yeah oh the secrets my final. What would it be is four inches for credit card. The nine oh yeah get fat. There's a thank you very much. Jane for being the first guest and the new and if our listeners want to find out more about you get hold of the book way cam they find a.

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