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Goats listen to music, Dave your own he jumping. Yeah. What they missing going off. Go to shave their leaving here by the nobody OB goat. Let me see what I got here. We'll get you one of these mailers I need one of those. You said he's only on people got a pair of me and O'Brien really. Pretty good. I just tune me out. Go do. But when I got you. That's a limited edition miles Davis. Mom, mom. I want to bring it out Janney. I had been sitting on his thing for probably about a year 'cause I'm going to sign something very special. But I wouldn't go Di what he did yesterday. I said you gotta come with me, only you and LeBron have with miles. Davis a month. Really not for you without a performance yesterday. Is it my turn? Thought your turn just yet. I mean, we saw what he did Wednesday night on nineteen shots drop forty four. You know, what that in play particularly willing Landau? Nobody played. Well, I thought I'm upset at Luke Walton skip because I thought he would bring the Bron starters back in once. They are they closed the game ten in Orlando. I thought that was games Ron probably would've took it over really one that one. What do you say? You know, what I'm gonna leave? No doubt. Everybody say I'm tired of seeing what he young guys gonna do. We fall behind by six ten point. He's a non when I go to Miami. I'm be ultra-aggressive from the jump y'all come on follow me win on their head to get them. A big piece invaded. Skip bayless. He doing big things. Did you know? Now, see Jeannie my to to have doing this show. What's betas skip? Like, the us sample size large body of work in the last hand games, LeBron James shooting fifty one percent from three point line. What was he for the fat? Oh, ain't that what we do in that? That's a sample. Because when I tried to do that with Lonzo twenty eight percent, okay. You wanna do samples out of the Lonzo ball game twenty three? But this is not his show. This is not about him. This is about the goat about James nineteen points in the first quarter fifty one eight and three that's what he's capable of betas at some point in time. You would have to come to the realization that you witnessing greatest basketball player ever Lille. Really? I guess they get your phone k-. I actually got to cover the why? When I was in Chicago. What I I covered. I'm covered him. Not looking at liberty do. He smokes. Drank wine, really Fisher, this official outfit. All the accessories of a what a goat would wear. Really? Yep. Lebron James you saw it. He got the three ball going. And see I told you say you as he goes shoots having team percent shoot twenty percent a whole year for the free point. Oh, yeah. He told you he take it too many of those liberal you not taking enough threes..

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