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7 48. Let's go to Jack Taylor in the W. T O be traffic center. Right. The trouble is in Virginia. This is on the toll Road West found the rest in Parkway. We've got accident activity with a box truck overturned. There's fuel spilled and we've got only a left lane getting by. And unfortunately it sounds like the ramp to exit. 12 Arrested. Parkway is also blocked. With this spill lane closures could be in place till 8 30 or so so this is going to be in place for a bit. You're good to go out of Gainesville riding 66 going eastbound. But after the Fairfax County Parkway headboard of police activity along the left side of the roadway, you're kind of approaching it. It speeds to do be careful. No worries. 95 or 3. 95 traffic continues to move pretty well. No troubles on the Beltway between Alexandria and McClane, now in Maryland, coming out of Frederick, immediate brake lights leaving I 70 the trouble is down after 85 with activity in the media and one in the ditch. Along the left side of the roadway. Rest of the trip South. You're okay. For now We've had word of work That was after the weigh station. But now we're getting heavier through German town. This could be a mobile crew. Just be careful ways. Users have been reporting inbound on the Clara Barton Park way before the clinic would turn around police with a broken down van last seen they've been blocking the left lane and earlier we had a crash on Suitland Parkway up near Forest Bill Road Little delay in the district. Leaving Maryland South on D C to 95 getting heavier around Eastern Avenue. Moving towards Capitol Street wide Open I to 95 Voxant Cove. No real worries on the freeway looking good in the third Street tunnel as well on the rails Mark Brunswick train 8 78 has departed point of rocks but a 20 to 25 minute delay. Unfortunately, there was a medical emergency on the train. Jack Taylor w T o p traffic. Storm team for meteorologists Lauren Riggins. It's gonna be cold for Christmas, even though snow either no snow. You know, we could have a few light.

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