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Centrally in the era where we can design protein tool optimally perform a very specific task and then figure out what string of spaghetti amino acids will fold up to make that exact protei i'm going to end with an example of what of what we we were going to be seeing in the future so baker and his team got together with our overall adjust ian wilson of scripts research institute to design a protein to fight the flu wilson identified through his research in the lab a pocket on the surface of this virus over specific flu virus and they thought that a protein that fit right in that pocket you know a nice fit in that pocket could potentially stop the virus from entering into cells so baker got with his team in the huge was added to create now let me say that when you when you're using words that you're not going to just like say this is what i wanted to do and have them and have to software spit out the exact amino acid shade the it's not that easy not yet anyway what they do was that use rosetta to create a few a few thousand promising amino acid jane's and then that then they folded all of them digitally to see which one would fit the pocket and then so they picked from that group they picked the other hand fuller so that really look like they could fit into that pocket that was identified on the on the on the virus and then they used engineer gstar to make the real proteins and they they found what they called hb one six nine two way tattooed at three r because it looked like it was a really good fit so then they had a test it so they injected mice with a fatal influenza dose this this dose would have killed them with at with out question this was with this was going to kill them and they sprayed the experimental protein that they had created into their noses so what do you think the result was a lives half live tafta a hundred percent effective as how you the right one.

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