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Oh hallward hubbard ooh So we had halloween this past week and we had the women's match and it was a doozy ladies and gentlemen for the attacking championship. It was a ladder match yeah. Gd jawline and Jc jane versus. You'll sarah is where we start. Andy hartwell persia plurality. Peralta sorry By the way she's got a fatty for real persia. Gotta fucking woo. Far as an msn but pershing donkey matches over. I of course the one who took the the the worst of it all was. you'll sharar. She took that nasty bump from the top of the ladder falling out during hitting another latter an awkward bumped as she took. It looked like she wasn't really committed to just take the back bump on the ladder so she took it sideways. But afterwards it seemed that everything was okay and No exxon was done. She was good winners of that matches. Gd doll and then Jc jane which will lead up to something huge later on then we get joe gacy versus me. Blade malik blade and Casey with the wind there we get an nfc cruiserweight champion roderick strong defeating odyssey jones caused diamond minded. Some help there. Why notice probably was like a non title match probably because odyssey jones. Don't see him as a cruise. wait to seen. then we get Racquel gonzalez defending her championship against mandy roles in that match matches all ride It's i wouldn't say it's Lido versus trish. Stratus it all right. Get raquel pulling But was looking to pull off the win until a hooded entrant came into the ring and wata with a shovel turns to find out that is the code aci and your winner and new and if he will miss champ mandy roles so the the women the women their Their champions toxic is your champions. We had a debut Views so's brother. Solo coa does a run in clears out a grayson waller and elaine night looks good. I like. i'd like the presentation of him. I like that movie tie slash may type fighter kind of look donald sizing them all right. Let's see what they can do with this kid. Imperium defeats k the lumberjack match. Think it might have been right time to take the belts offer ms k. Let's get imperium som- some light with the titles. I think it's fine. And and finally we get Bron brecher on up against the nfc champ to moscow. Ciampa you can. It wasn't a bad match but it's also like you can tell that braun has a lot to go with. He has a lot of. He has a lot to to work on as Still green but you can see that. He'll he can't get better and he will get better Trump was out the win. Here and I see that this is not going to go away anytime soon that they really going to be investing in this kid so yeah that That closes out a halloween havoc for this year's and Was it too bad. I mean the end of the day. I guess this show is just a calamity at its best but a the dome whether too bad.

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