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Maybe I mean, you can only do so much towards stuff so it was confusing. So I'm hoping you can kind of give us a little bit more insight because it did seem like at a nowhere. It was confusing. Oh, yeah. And you know, like I totally get that and just ever and I'm glad that he didn't and displaying what's going on. I'm not going to disrespect or anything, but you know, in in general, I do want to say that when you are coming here for the first time and you decide to drink, that's all you, right. And when you are not home and you're drunk somewhere or you're in the Bush, and we can find you that's also on you. Yes, you know, care for your safety. Absolutely. You know your your hair in a foreign country. You know, I care for you and I would feel horrible if something bad happened to you, but you know, you're a grown woman, so you got to take responsibility, but again, all right. That's the first. And then the second time you're like, maybe there's a problem here, you know, and then you get like speak with other people and like, hey, all right. This is just the first week. And then with my mom on a thing that was dead day, they were feeling with my mom and. I also came from were again, you know, she was like, you know, trying to like, and that's I think that's what you saw. There was the third time. Alright, where I was just, you know, coming home and I was like excited for her to come home and she wasn't coming home. And you know, you have to find your your own girl that you meet for the first week like that that that's that's very sad, actual Lee and you know, and, and then it escalated from Bush center refinance. Yeah, that's hurtful. And and then you just want to, you know, like, hey, Doris, like I care for you. I really don't want to stab again. And if this is just the first week, I think there's a problem there, you know. Well, tell tell me a little bit about how you guys met. Because it's such an unusual situation, these relationships that are that are featured. So you're meeting her, but she lives on another continent, and there's a huge disparity in age. She's a parent. You don't have any kids yet. You just come from different career backgrounds. So tell me a little bit how you met and what made you pursue the relationship on the TV show because it's such an unusual story. Oh, yeah. No, so so basically. Dorsey was on networking app. I never used even though people fingered. I never actually used any dating apps on a networking app, and there is, I think, if future to use and you have to buy that future to look international for, you know, if you want to date, if you want to network whatever. And I just used it to, you know, getting contact with people that you know, wanted to personal training and you know. So that was great. And then suddenly I got a message from the US. That was her. And I was like, wow, I didn't know people could find me here from the US. Yeah. What's that? What is the app? That's interesting. I think it was inner circle. I'm not quite sure, but I think stat one or at least a similar one with not just orientational on dating, but more so networking. You know. So we just started jetting and I got to see pictures and stuff that were. A lot younger. I'm like ten to fifteen years. I was like, you know, I didn't do it that it was like she's a beautiful woman and. An you know, seems nice and no, we started chatting galling and then. This. She started talking about the show format and that's how you know it started from there. We started talking with, you know, Esten agents and I was a little bit like, you know, I I, I have to be honest, and I'm sorry, you'll see what I didn't new to shell before..

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