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Every time i look at you Some people say that paul's try too hard for this that you know he's trying to capture the magic of forever and yeah why not. What's the problem with that. Forever was a massive hit I think this should have been a massive. I think the song is amazing. I think it's a beautifully written song. it's a power ballad. They are supposed to be corny and cheesy. I think it's an amazing song This was very very very very close to being my wedding song but there were a couple of lyrical issues in the in their such. As it's going to take a little time to show you just what you mean to me. Not exactly what you want. During a wedding song part would be like the guy's apologizing constantly to figure your in-laws fuck. She married him for. What did he do that too. There's a whole there's a whole bunch of things but the chorus itself. Every time i look at you no matter what i'm going through it's easy to see you know it's it's a beautiful song I think it's got another really nice solo in it It just didn't take off the way. I think they had hoped because it was nineteen ninety-two into ninety three in songs like this didn't really exist. i think it's a really underrated ballad. I think paul sounds fantastic I think it's a great song. I think it's a really a a standout ballot. And unfortunately it kind of gets buried. Every time i look at you paul stanley and bob estrin home. We go again. Bobbins here Dick wagner and play the solo. Why bruce in fucking the guy that said. I play the game of cats. I guess i can make it on dude. I agree and i'll get to apart okay. It was actually the fifth single. Didn't chart. Bob did the string and horn arrangement. I liked the little acoustic guitar in the beginning. A little maggie may ish. I liked the so solo. It's pretty good. It's all electric though like forever forever with. Yeah and i think this tried to be too much forever part too and that's why it takes a hit. I think paul says its the right song at the wrong time or the right song by the wrong band. Dick wagner says bruce. Try to play on it but didn't come up with anything. That was good enough or more appropriate. Dick wagner fuck off okay. Break the fuck. You shitting on bruce. Trying to say that you didn't come up with anything. That was good enough really. This is the guy that played the fucking one of the greatest solos ever on forever. Stop yeah the video settled. Down paul stubble. Oh exactly relax. I don't remember this video. Tom because it never made it to extreme close up nope i never. I didn't at that time we were at college. We didn't have cable. i totally forgot. There was a video for the song. I totally agree. But i you know bruce's playing the fucking angus gibson big bb bb king guitar. Yup i can't. Who's on the piano. The fucking image. You don't see this is all serious an orchestra. Oh yes you can tell us. This is the fifth single. We're getting into ninety two ninety three all sudden like very grungy very oh no yes serious serious face like the like you said the stubble. Yeah settle down. Settle down your singing. Every time i look at you the song paul. It's one of those paul. i know what you do. And you're trying to make it a hit. He is if he throws at a on unplugged. When you think of the songs that are on unplug. You're like what the fuck is that song doing their see. I like it though. I like it i always have. I don't think there's any it doesn't add anything to the ridge of it but like you always say it's paul's way of pushing a song that he liked it. No one debts what i'm trying to sell. Yeah yeah okay it did it make it will fuck it. Maybe we can make it a single this. Yeah right it didn't do dude. Faulk can move on could've put so many other songs but it's still a very good song. Yeah yup let's go next.

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