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The arms and threw her in the back of the van like it was a kidnapping like it was the extraordinary rendition she was then taken to egypt where she was waterboarded not really but as wanted to stop and think about that for a minute because it kind of made my cockles warm warmed the cockles note i mean i mean about that and the president trump losing fifteen hundred illegal alien children this story is just what a joke this story is there's such frauds the the whole news media consortium as such a disgrace not just journalism but the truth loving people everywhere to people who enjoy the obvious amazing stuff bobby kennedy and you're gonna get to this he's a cook this guy he's an environmental nutcase bobby kennedy junior rfk junior he's a nut and he's married to this actress woman did you know cheryl hines cheryl hines us she plays on the tv show curb your enthusiasm she's larry david's make believe wife and she's an actress and she's married to rfk junior and he's going around now saying there was a second gunman and that sirhan sirhan sirhan didn't actually kill his father sherry may have fired shots but there was a second gunman who is invisible and he disappeared it was like a hollywood movie was talking oliver stone thing and now he's pedaling this idea fifty years later within what is the data he died on june six thousand nine hundred sixty eight so on june six two thousand eighteen it'll be fifty years since the assassination just about a week and fifty or should have a week and it's like wait a minute who was that other man who was that masked man sure didn't kill my father he admitted to it he had all this rfk mess die written in his stuff at home he had the gun in his hand they've pulled the bullets out of all the people that.

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