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The season i know the three of us have talked about this nfc south for us we looked at it as a cut above because it a quarterback play yes also the tandem of running backs look at what you had at one time the saints also had peterson in the mix and carolina has jonathan stone and christian mccaffrey and then you know atlanta's got kevin komen dave freeman look across the nfl how many divisions can say that the hell would have won rony bags and they go out there have what picked up the guy there's nfc sour has kind of pulled a little bit because it a quarterback way but also to the versatility end the running skills and the skills of the running backs and it's sort of maybe a little bit of of play on old school football of running the football now today the short passes almost an extended handoff but premiums that guy that a critical times against the saints they've gone to south kevin has been to scorer into getting a red zone you scored three touchdowns in one game against the saint question of football but he only had forty two yards rushing exclusive plays yep it yet he he makes that point near the goal line the guy that i think everybody says oh julio jones's kill the saints all i know is in the six games he's played against him he's caught thirty seven passes for five hundred seventy seven yards but only one touchdown only one and in one game he was hurt so you kinda take that away but he's averaging like six catches at gangs those made the bugti freeman it's been freeman he's been the guy the guy who's put julio jones's on a shelf excuse artesian he doesn't know how to use it you can't target a guy fifteen times the week before any makes twelve catches and their last week six times foot to catch yeah you can say oh coverage was great you gotta adjust sought keesey being hardheaded now today we've seen this roller coaster ride with the.

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