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And so that goes back to what you were just saying the track idea. And the idea of one livery per team that is part of the reason that people don't identify what the teams anymore. Because back then it was so simple, Terry Labonte Kelloggs, cornflakes or whatever it was, and you could put one sponsor and. Everybody knew who that driver was and now you can't do that anymore. So I, you know before when that idea was first floated out there, we talked about it on the show and I was like, yeah, it's kind of ridiculous. And you're like, no, no, no, that that makes sense. I've come around. I think it makes perfect sense. Now I really do. And let's be honest with all these teams having different sponsors and everything like that. Like I, it's almost as if you can't nail down a can't nail down a driver with a sponsor anymore, unless it no Jimmy Johnson and lows and that's going away. And that's going away to, although may not be going away permanently, but, but it's mostly going away. Yeah, let's talk about that too because on tied into all of the sponsorship news apparently. Now, this is weird, weird story because. The story is that lows might not be done on the forty eight car yet, even though they're pulling their sponsorship of Johnson at the end of the year, but. That story is that headline, I think, is kind of fishing for clicks because lows themselves hasn't said, oh, we're reconsidering. We're thinking about coming back to the forty eight. Apparently they have some new marketing people in place, and so it's Hendrick that's saying we're going back to Lowe's, and we're going to try and see if we can convince these new people to do a partial schedule with the forty eight car to try and help fill things out because we have one or two other people interested, but not for a full season. So when you read that headline, I don't know if it's one hundred percent accurate. I don't think it's at Lowe's interested. I think it said Hendrick is hoping that the new people at Lowe's interested because that's how desperate they are right now. Yeah. But at the same time, it's just like. Why? Why would lows? Why wouldn't lose wanna stay with Jimmy Johns. Because he's saying Tom time champion, like STD's with Richard petty for like fifty seven years, and they haven't done crap in a while. That's the perfect example. And that's exactly what I was thinking as you were saying that is that you know, Richard petty won as many championships, and that somehow got him a permanent sponsorship from SDP because they're smart enough to say, we're going to ride this out. We're going to use this as a thing even after the driver is done, lows could be in the same position. I mean, lows has almost has just about been the sole sponsor of one of the greatest drivers ever in NASCAR, a definite hall of Famer first ballot. And they're not thinking ahead to say, well, you know, we could do a partial schedule to stay in touch with this team in this driver and that we can use this for years and years and years in the future. I think that's more product of where NASCAR is right now. Then we're Jimmy Johnson is right now. Oh, absolutely. I don't see what the hell's going on, like what the hell. Yeah, I think I think if they're looking at the the attendance or looking at the viewership and they're thinking well with Richard petty, they were able to take take advantage of that because NASCAR we're super popular and Richard petty was the most popular driver, you know, even after he was done being good. And I think that now they're like, well, Jimmy Johnson is definitely the best driver even after he's done being good this year, but who we appealing to know maybe ten or twenty thousand fans, it's not a big deal. We we don't wanna pay millions of dollars for that. And that's, that's sad. That's Bryant brains his fault. Exactly. It's everyone that the board of directors full for driving. If these damn prices see our full for not regulating these prices when they could. Everyone sublime like all these guys just trying to get bit bigger faster, better. Like it's the steroids, the early two, thousands of NASCAR at that peak was the snacks car on steroids. Everyone wanted in everyone's doing successful and now now what have we got?.

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