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Twenty percent this morning, Tony. Well, that's good for me your shareholder. Oh, yeah. Okay. I've been for a while. I've been I've been a big fan of Roku. For a few months. Now, certainly today. I understand why you're fan today. Yeah. I might actually be in the positive on that one Roku is probably still almost down by half from its all time high just a few months ago, I'm guessing if it's in the thirty eight dollars or thirty five dollar range and think we were up in the sixties at one point. I didn't buy it there. But yeah, it is very interesting. Netflix was a big winner at the awards, right? And I saw article saying, hey, does this mean that things are great for their development strategy? I don't know that it does. I tend to look at the winner in this in this entire cord cutting movement as Roku, and I don't mean that Roku is going to put that looks out of businesses something like that. I mean, if you're looking for a company that stands to benefit from all the competition net. Flicks. Isn't it right because the competition is coming four net flicks. That flex may continue to do fine. But it's going to be it's going to have a big battle on its hands. Right. Roku is sort of the what's the word of the Switzerland of of online streaming right or they're agnostic. They have abs- for just about every service out there, and they are becoming kind of the default operating system for smart TV's and devices. Right. I mean, I my smart TV in my basement. Actually, I've got one what happens on smart TV's after a while if it's a proprietary smart TV, and this was a Samsung, so pretty big brand Netflix and others just quit making an update the apps for the smart TV. So they they only want update their Roku app, right or maybe they're.

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