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You know looking at what could happen with some of these teams when we come back Whether it be baseball ops people whether it be the minor leagues or could it be high priced players on the move If and when baseball comes back what do you think happens with dumping salary if you can find a taker? And Will there be takers. Because of the financial landscape a right now being known boy you know you bring up a great point on the sudden Dan. How about those teams? That were taking their looking. Kind of smart aren't they? They're they're they're not on the hook for you. Know I'm Baltimore's the world right then and on the huge salaries because they've got their payrolls fifty sixty million whatever it is and you know again. They picked up their money through revenue sharing through MLB advanced media that it staff and the non baseball revenues. So you know. There's an incentive for more teens potentially tank but the question you hit on it is who are the buyers who which which entered the organization. Right now is going to take on a non aeronautical contract or Kris Bryant contract in the middle of all this other stuff that's going on. I just I can't see who's going to be buyers I I don't see it either. And that's the biggest problem is that teams had say normally sure we we'd love to do business with your Great High priced players that we could add on our normal payroll but at this point in time. I just don't see it Brian. I really don't not the guy that's gonNA obviously talked about. And he's got this out right in a couple of years and I say well you know it wouldn't be a long term commitment because aaronow opt out of his deal. We don't know what the free market's going to look like but I'll tell you guys you're going to be free agents. At the end of this year they got to be really really nervous because Major League baseball is likely going to have to pay more than salaries this year to get a deal done with the players association then they want to pay cartons have to give. It's GonNa hurt them. And where are they going to get that money back? They're going to spend less on free agents this winter. And they're going to squeeze the guys that are arbitration-eligible and that's not a purity of a negative thing. It's just you know they're gonNa try to save money where they can save money. Cardinals Hall of fame is come and gone at least the announcement of that. Twenty Twenty Hall of fame. Bill White is now selected to the cardinals hall of fame. The Fan vote went to John Tudor and Tommy her. What did you take away from this year's ballot? Well I think it was great. They bill white that in it was he was a guy that we discussed for a long time. A great Cardinal First Baseman In successes naturally president is an executive. But a guy who doesn't like the limelight and you know part of the question. Was You know this this Bill White WanNa be recognized finally got the point where it dining? His numbers are so good his contribution was so great he needs to be in this hall of fame and it was great to see him selected for that John Tudor Guy who you franchisee. Ra leader win percents over seven hundred you know is a huge huge factor in eighty five. Continue to pitch wilentz. Bad Kings wasn't with the team that long but yet you know a Guy. Who's obviously Tommy her every time we and I. I hope I'm not out school saying this but every time we get together talk. How widely talked about him being as rock how. He's clutch player. Never made mental mistakes and he was a guy that his numbers didn't knock you over but he was there for three Carl Championship teams including World Series. But the disappointing thing. Is that Keith Hernandez who's been on the ballot? Seven years now in passed over time didn't get in and you know. Everybody understands that he had the drug issue into trade and a lot of people who who weren't watching baseball in the in the seventies think of him as a as a Newark Mayor. The Guy who was on Seinfeld the guy who's on doing the mets bark asked but he was a great cardio for ten years and I just hope that then taking nothing away from Tommy. Her but or in John Tudor but when we look at candidates we compare them. You know you only get to votes you gotta look at the Guide and say okay. How do they stack up? And I just think Keith Hernandez it's time to get past the problems of the past. I'll tell you that if anybody is upset about or had reason to be upset about what Ethan entered is it was widely like he's a manager teams. General had a trading away and attune them buried the hatchet saying publicly. I believe creature Anderson Hall of fame. So whatever grudges. We might have spence about Keith Hernandez if white. Here's Greg Hatchet. We need to do that to you. You actually had a poll up on your website. The Cardinal Nation DOT COM and give us a little insight into how many people voted in and the direction as to why they voted one way or another with Keith. Really curious why Hernandez got turned down so I put up a poll. After the results were announced in Iran for a day it was like I think nine hundred ten people voted so it's pretty good sample size and I said it's great basic question. I said. Hey what's the single biggest factor why you didn't vote Keith? Hernandez the cardinals hall of fame was it the drug use and trade or was it the fact that he was you know a key part of the pond scum mets and the vote was forty six percent on the drug trade and fifty four percent on the fact that he was with the mets. The first part I get I mean he's guilty as charged. He used drugs. Keep though was died in the Pittsburgh drug trial. He admitted he took his penalties And he got traded and that was a bad episode in the cardinals. Lost a great player. But you know it happened thirty five years ago and like I said why did he did Hatchet? Do that on the midst parents dumping thing. Yeah he was a great player for the cardinals and he continued to be a great player for the mets. In while it was his fault he got traded. It wasn't his fault. He got traded to the mets when they start to have when their farm system started to produce good players and it was tough for the courtesy. Get their fans to see the cardinals. Get their nose. -rupt and Keith Hernandez seven more years while he helped them win but the reality is this guy. His job was a win baseball games. And yeah some of those gains weren't gets the cardinals but it wasn't a score. We got traded to the mets. And I think we need to separate what he did is cardinal versus what he did as a met. If you look around baseball there are a lot of guys who played for multiple teams. Who have been recognized. Nolan Ryan is in three Holds a fake. Three different holds a pain. Angels Astros Rangers. There's a dozen guys who've been on recognized by two team so I think it's okay. We can hate the gum disliked. The mets dislike everything that Hernandez did but still recommended the.

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