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Entered the plea in a Tokyo courtroom this morning. They face up to three years in prison, too, are accused of smuggling. Carlos gone out of Japan by hiding him in a box and flying him on a private plane. Michael Taylor is a former Greenbrae. He and his son told WBZ. They were hired by Gong. Right, so they hit him in a box for musical equipment. And it was a loaded jet that flew going to Lebanon. The Taylors were arrested in Massachusetts last year, Experts warn cyberattacks are lying in Wait. Jason Crabtree with complex says This sort of attack is actually nothing new. This is really a continuation of the same kind of behavior we've been seeing from criminal groups for a long time. It's just frankly gotten more visible after they went after. Hot dogs, hamburgers and gasoline. He says that when cybercriminals hit the colonial pipeline and JBs Foods, it became personal for Americans. Crabtree says these highlight the need for businesses as well as government agencies to pay more attention to their ability to rapidly detect and respond to attacks. And updating the cyber attack and the fallout for the steamship Authority. Their website finally is back up and running after a cyberattack lifted off line for more than a week. So very customers. You can now book your reservation on the site on their website. Also, all date restrictions are lifted and the origin of that cyber attack is still being investigated. All right, let's investigate what's going on in the world of Bloomberg Joining us now live Tracy John Key. Loria. Here's some good news for the nation's auto mechanics who likely already knew this because they're the ones keeping our aging cars, roadworthy and boy are our cars aging cars on the road today. Are the oldest. They have ever been record 12 years old, on average, according to I H s Market, the firm says the older vehicles are a win for mechanics. Wall Street isn't heading for a win, like the one that sent the S and P two, a record on Friday. The S and P is down nine points. The Dow is falling 133 points. And the NASDAQ is cut its game to nine points. I'm Tracy John Key. Bloomberg Business on WBZ, Boston's news radio. Alright, Tracy and Coming up at 10 45. The state celebrates a major covid 19 milestone. Stay with us to find out what that is Also sports right after this, and another update with dean of war on today's stormy weather. That's smart speaker does more than play the hit All.

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