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Turbulence at ESPN radio at Jeff Schwartz. That's Jeff with the G at Kirk Morrison as well. So we had a interesting game today down in Tampa Bay. Washington. Redskins were missing the left tackle hard the right guard. The right tackle had a big lag inevitably lost another lineman during the games. They were down four off a alignment in this game. Tampa bay. At four hundred ninety eight yards offense and the Redskins won sixteen to three. Tampa Bay had had four four turnovers was over five or the red zone missed field goals really really odd game. But so far the rest of the year have one on the road against the cardinals. They lost a terrible gave you member in New Orleans on Monday night football. They beat the giants in MetLife. And they beat the buccaneers away and after the game. Josh Norman, we know never want to shy away from giving an opinion cut ripped the Redskins fans for the way finished field is on Sundays, for instance, home games. Come on, man. On a road. Home. Now. Other teams turf or something I hear more at him. Us something bad. Sit back near. Starts to be this year. Started. Great.

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