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Michigan VHS insurance Roddy Superfly Hades our executive producer inside this hour will get updates on Michigan and Michigan state football Doug scheme former Wolverine offense of linemen will talk about no spring ball no all season can I just hit the ground running and play you are hearing a lot of colleges say unless things dramatically go backwards that they're gonna open and have face to face student teaching and I'm gonna tell you a couple reasons folks March social the president of Michigan said they're projected loss may be a billion a billion dollars if the school because online learning nothing against M. and Mike my son's teacher because I think the elementary kids at online learning is really important the older kids it's tough to keep a focus it's tough to keep focused in a school can I do the zoom home rooms on Mondays and Fridays right and I'm still having legend Stan you know when you get aces a bludgeons wrap it up what would have been the sixth grade here is what will be a sophomore while goes fast ma'am but there's nobody that wants to pay full boat to go into online classes unless you're close to finishing your degree if you're a freshman going in you're not going to go for online and wait and see what happens you're just not gonna go to college for that first year and think about again health and safety is number one but the money the schools would lose their could force a lot of colleges to shut down your medically scaled back same thing goes for sports and before you start tweeting me all your insensitive now no no I'm not all this is based on a best case scenario and that the continued drops in fatalities A. N. cases needs to be you minuscule by the time you get the football in August right practice Aug first week of August people are like well no nobody needs to be Diana we met and we have to have a vaccine in all cases eliminated hi are you not gonna play again if people get pneumonia or a heavy flu hits us where people are dying no you're not you're not gonna shut it down I'm looking at the data right now we're on may first right there's a long ways to go before the football season practice would start would be ninety days look at the progress we've made the last three weeks I'm doctor occurred only a family physician sports dog metro health university of Michigan health he will join me coming up in our get the latest on the numbers in Michigan daily confirmed cases are at nine hundred and seventy seven coat nineteen fatalities down the seventy seven so that's a good curve in Kent county where I live cases did go up so I understand the angst with people out there okay I get that cases went up a hundred and twenty one but the death total went up by three but can county health officials have said that early may would be the peak so you hope you're getting the peak and we have avoided mass casualties in terms of the number of people who have died so let's see where we're at and I I think it's like NASCAR is coming back they're going to raise either the easiest sport I think really have to think about it there is one driver you got a team that's completely covered right even when there wasn't a corona virus no fans NASCAR fans will love it don T. V. golf is planning their comeback they can do it with no fans you got one guy walking the cat he might have to stay six feet away right Hey when the player walks over to get his club the caddy walks back above the figure it out and the key is when a when a team sport I'm not against NASCAR teams with a team sport returns and it looks like it will be baseball end of June I mean there are some reports say on that some of the players might report down to training camp for spring training facilities as early as next week to get beyond how much time it because baseball will go as fast as they can in the one key that Frank Schwab talked about that I think comes into play for him any team sports which will be baseball MBA resuming and play in the playoffs same thing for the NHL and even in the college football you can have a locker room all of a sudden become eighty five covert nineteen cases when nobody has I'm getting sick is different then become a critical case been dying in of over ninety that's the difference when Rudy go very guarded with Utah Jazz we didn't know if it was a death sentence Everton Donovan Mitchell recovered in other NBA players have had it been you haven't had that big name sports figure who caught it early come up on that total death number in some city or state in America so what do you do between now in first of September that's why the talk of starting the season in October not doing non conference games and playing your conference games and October November for college football without fans we starting with our fans no bye week you go play eight conference games play everybody in division your draw the other side and you do championship game in Indy well given fans would be based on just a remarkable turnaround vaccine antibody testing whatever would be to get those fans back but those schools Texas a and M. Oregon I'll talk about you know they they're anticipating even Michigan a said they had all the they're very optimistic that they'll have face to face students and faculty and we've heard from the NC double a with Matt Mitchell D. two cultures in studio he was on a conference call with they selected some D. to D. one football subdivision coaches D. three and they said unless the students are back on campus will be no discussion about any sports so when you start hearing the possibility and I believe those schools aren't dumb that they have their medical experts not not social networks they have here medical experts who are forecasting but by the time we get to August mid July even Major League Baseball late June that's what they've learned about covert nineteen they're getting that is not a death sentence but by the time you have more testing Amicale college football practice with star web first week of August we have three full months of testing to understand what the fatality rate this is a closer to followers of something more serious that warrants Hey we're not gonna be able to start right now okay we're gonna start with camp September first NFL then might take those Saturdays in September until college football will come back and show NFL games with a triple header on Saturday everybody has a contingency plan but I will tell you in the last three weeks the remarkable light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter Hey this Doug scheme played football at Michigan also does a heck of a job Chris balas again down Michigan football the offense of line he was an offense of linemen with the Wolverines he was on the side of the state he's joining us on the metro health university of Michigan health guess and so before we get to any conversation about Michigan football in the upcoming season what lies ahead are you in the heartland areas that correct living Livingston county road just north of Brighton Hartland right were M. fifty nine in US twenty three cross and I'm happy to report the sun is shining over and things are good yeah I'm looking at Livingston county three hundred forty three total cases nineteen fatalities in those six plus weeks of the Michigan data at the state website so just as a father okay as a father is a guy living in Michigan like a lot of us what do you think is the opening here for the economy first and foremost and then from Yahoo sports to college sports to pro sports what's the time table you see here to wrap up two thousand and twenty well that's a that's a big question their huge that's a tough one to answer to but I can tell you as a father of three and played collegiate athletics in high school and many friends that have have kids in the same boat I think that my inclination is to let these kids play with some sort of assurances that we will have a quick guide to medical staff and the people in charge of a quick guy and anybody that was showing symptoms and you're going to have to have some availability to testing capabilities pretty quickly and.

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