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There's an alabama even though their defense is better rough they got their their front seven is better benn last year their secondary you're good and michael you remember of this lanes the shot a lot them not have mike williams available to him last year he does having the season and i think that that's going to be the difference in the game i don't know but listen if i'm wrong i'm wrong but i've got quinten limited game and i think that he shouldn't be a shot in bob al wins the spirit you're on clemson good times wow yes and i'm not alone yeah they're gonna so that they build that these people people that follow the college game that understand the pressure points and the concerns and and the southeastern conference the lack of quarterback you know alabama has a play the quarterback to finish good or the she had he lit them up in week three all by the way former clemson quarterback beat alabama to move is last three times and through or throw yards even though because the that's a good start that's again thirty nine in that game they scored thirty points or listed in that game earlier this you that's like you did that's again cover i was the bills to draft no matter what he's as i give me jad tally because he's the got blood bloodlines with jim tally i don't care what he did off the field i don't care be got no grade i don't care be what they has community i don't care every stalled carson bringing chad tallied a buffalo let's go no i got other i got a run i get time on nine i love you enjoy the his game well watch on monday night before the again do the johnny so i as i love allen duo have as one have wanted to carry aired on them are all i love the abby in a year manager either title game on monday night i will have the new year and so we are them a few more days together two thousand seven three mouth ten brando the very best is jay berman.

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