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Coach George Raveling dot com is an eighty year old living legend and Nike's former director of international basketball coach RAV as he's often called it was the first African American basketball coach in the pack eight pack, twelve and is often referred to as. As the human Google for reasons that become abundantly clear. In this interview, he is held head coaching jobs at Washington state, university of Iowa and USC following a prolific basketball coaching career, join Nike at the request of Phil Knight where he played an integral role in signing a reluctant, not many people know that story, Michael Jordan. He's also been inducted in the nice memorial Basketball Hall of fame as well as the college Basketball Hall of fame. We cover a lot in this wide-ranging conversation in Austin, take sass. We cover how he was given the original copy of Dr Martin Luther King junior's. I have a dream speech, which was not the name by the way originally how his practice team ended up beating the nineteen Eighty-four US Olympic Dream Team in basketball. What the story of getting Michael Jordan to sign Nike, y coach RAV has been nicknamed the human Google, his voracious reading habit and how he picks books and takes notes. We had. A huge nerd out over how to take notes in books, the wisdom of his grandmother and other mentors and much much much more. I really walked out of this conversation floating on air and reflecting on and thinking about so much of what he shared. He's an incredibly impressive human being. I hope you enjoy this even half as much as I did, which would mean it's probably going to be one of your favorite episodes that I've done with further ado, please enjoy the ever. Impressive. George Raveling. Coach welcome to the show. Thank you very much. It's.

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