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Seventy seven 96 kboi news starts now this is tyler martin on six seventy kboi as we speed into against the pacific northwest has been fairly lucky so far this fire season lucky in the sense that we have seen a wild fire like we have in recent years that is to say the pioneer or the soda fire brad ripley is with the usda it says there are some concerns about that holding true through august complicating matters is the fact that on the fringe of the monsoon circulation we tend to see the thunderstorms with lightning but not much rainfall in that in some cases can trigger a rash of new wildfires so that is a concern across the northwest asked in the next several days in 2016 it was the pioneer fired the burned about one hundred eighty nine thousand acres and took months to put out the year before that 2015 it was the soda fire the burn two hundred seventy nine thousand plus acres rick worthington six seventy kboi mosquitoes can transfer all kinds of diseases from west nile virus tizzy to dent gay fever and more preventing mosquito bites is the best way to avoid these diseases but there is a lot of misinformation about insect repellants that could make people hesitant to use them nicky portland northern idaho department of health and welfare shares repellent used should be epa approved epa approval is important because we don't know the effectiveness of in second parents that are not registered with the epa when repellents parents are registered they've been tested for their effectiveness and safety so you know you are protected and for how long you can check the epa website for a list of those registered repellents one ingredient that tends to caused public concern is defeat corbyn or says is generally safe but always follow product label instruction and if you're wearing sunscreen as well be sure to apply that first before putting on repellent warm weather and clear skies tonight expected to be in the high 90s for the rest of the week and in the triple digits for the weekend tyler martin six seventy kboi when young men turn eighteen they think they know a lot about the facts of life but there are a few more facts they need to know fact you have to register with selective service when.

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