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Champagne sharks. How's it going this trevor. We are doing. The image by daniel burstein the full actual name is the image a guy to pseudo events in america. A lot of the book is at first a setup and then it gets kind of the meat of it of what it's about like about three or four chapters in but the setup is important you know but you'll get kind of a sense of where it's heading from this but starting this off readings going to be a rich adidas elitist. So if you don't mind doing the introduction and the first chapter we did not do our usual thing of Recording beforehand so. We're not sure how long this recording is going to be but we can figure out on the fly. If you wanna finish the chapter ends up going too long we might Stop it halfway through. But we'll figure it out as we go but without further ado Rich whenever you're ready feel free to get started all right. Thanks. y'all yes. The image got suitable events in america by daniel j boston introduction extravagant expectations in this book. I described the world of are making how we have used our wealth. Our literacy our technology and our progress to create the thicket of unreality which stands between us and the facts of life i recount historical forces which have given us this unprecedented opportunity to deceive ourselves and to be fog our experience. Of course. america's provide the landscape and has given us the so the opportunity for the speed of national self hypnosis but each of us individually provides the market and the demand for the allusions which which flood our experience. We want and we believe these lucians because we suffer from extravagant expectations. We expect too much of the world. Our expectations are extravagant in the precise dictionary. Sense of the word quote going beyond the limits of reason and or moderation and quote their obsessive. We pick up the newspaper of breakfast. We expect no. We demand that it brings us momentous events cincinnati before we turn on the car radio as we drive to work and expect the news to have occurred since the morning newspaper went to what the press turning in the evening. We expect our house not only to shelter us to keep us warm in the winter and cool in the summer but to relax us to dignify us to encompass us with soft music and interesting hobbies to be a playground a theater and a bar. We expect a two week vacation to be romantic exotic cheap and effortless. We expect a faraway atmosphere if we go to a nearby place and we expect everything to be relaxing data terry and americanized if we go to a faraway place. We expect new heroes every season in literary masterpiece every a dramatic spectacular every week a rare sensation every.

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