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Basically, he feels like he's not getting his fair shake, and he feels like his past accomplishments should. Elevate him a bit. Who cares. What you did before. What are you doing now? Is what the question is. And he's not doing thing. I mean, it seems like he doesn't really connect with the players. The players know connect with him. I've seen some of the blame go to the players. I don't. If it was one player who was struggling than yet blame that player. But when it's multiple coming over to United and under Marino they've gotten worse. That's a managerial problem. Not bringing on rash is a problem, especially when you're two goals down. So I mean, United, the board can continue to allow this to happen. I mean, it doesn't seem like there's really a happy ending in sight here they can do that or you can make the proactive move, get rid of him. I'm all for them bringing on Sadan. Maybe you look at Arsene Wenger possibly Don is a better coach for this new era, but are the way something needs to happen and people have settle the board didn't back Marino as far as the transfer window on all that I don't buy that given renew about PA. Marino brought on Lukaku Marino. Brian Sanchez Marino has had players. I mean, are we just going to act like Alexis Sanchez, a bad player along with PA matych, Fred Lukaku? Like I said. I mean, gimme a break is raw, very good players at one point in their career that as soon as they get United just doesn't happen. I mean, the guy paid one hundred million for Papa paid nearly that from Kaku. He's had money. The spent don't blame the board for the fact that this guy can't get this team together in playing. Well, this is on marina. Not on the players. It's not on the board is on Marino. People gets too infatuated with what he did back then. What's he doing now? This is a results driven game and he's not getting them. So I mean, they can continue to basically lower expectations and lower the standards of Manchester United. Or you could be like a row, Madrid. And. Basically not accept anything less than excellence. That's the way Manchester United need to be in good on Tottenham here for winning this one. Harry can continue to score scorn, August first time ever. I quote Old Trafford also Lucas has been playing well, a lot was made about them not buying any players in the summer transfer window. I thought that was the problem, but so far in their first three games they've done well. I mean, granted, I two teams. They played weren't relatively great, Manchester, United start off season really poor. So we'll see what they look like. Liverpool city, even an arsenal or Chelsea. Chelsea our team who have really surprised. We'll talk about them in the next segment, but either way. I mean, like I said, how much longer can you stick with this? Because it's a problem at this point. So we'll see what ends up happening but United currently. I think thirteenth in the table after three games, only one win, two lost. Not necessarily great is no, it's not. So that's all I got to say about that. We'll wrap it up for here next up. We'll be talking about the other EPL games that went on over the weekend. So stay tuned and I'll be right back. Hey, sports.

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