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That son having what is it like A Bailey's type creature like that? Yeah. Seok would be uneasy. Doesn't have just right now. Some delicious, Casey. Nice. We will get it from Cancun duty free. They had a Baileys that had the Pumpkin. It was like more of an orange spice that hard or wait. We haven't been able to find it for a couple of years. Don't make it but wow, But Apple had ample savior goes with just about anything including, including Fireball. Yes. And better sketch room number I put. We put two Wacha in apple cider, and it makes like a half hot apple pie. Yes, I've had that. Oh, doesn't like hot apple pie. Oh, my God. Now we're worrying her. What You did that, you know? Okay. Alright. He's so obvious and she very, very well. We're going to start my talk. Traffic gets pretty busy out there. We got wet roads Highway 13. There's a crash near Burnsville between Washburn Avenue in County Road, 54 94 South bound a stalled vehicle right around the ramp to Tamarack Road. And 62 eastbound in a Taina crash reported between Tracy Avenue on Highway 135 North bound in Lily Dale, a crash between Victoria Street and ST Clair Avenue. 94 eastbound in Golden Valley, a crash by 1 69 in Louisiana Avenue and for 94 near Maple Grove. Little debris on the road, You'll find that between Schmidt like road and past Lake Road That you might talk traffic your five eyewitness news. Weather forecast brought to you by re bath. Minneapolis that winter weather advisory in effect for the twin cities got some light snow this afternoon 38 Mostly.

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