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To see Julie. It's been a long time since we've seen each other when she was With the last time it was with her book about leadership and now she's got a new book out called choose to Madder your guide to being courageously fabulously you. I'm GonNa read read from the handout. That they gave me is that choose to matter is for the teenage girls. Starting her journey or for the woman at a critical fork. Inner Journey Journey me. It's for everyone and anyone who needs a little push to find courage motivation and confidence when you thought about developing this book and what you wanted to put into it. What was has the philosophy you had Julie? The philosophy was actually. I pitched it to Disney publishing and I said listen. Leadership is a heavy topic for girls in the the reason reason it drives me crazy with girls as we as I found doing these leadership academies for so many years is young women in. I'm just not talking. Young women older women as well. We're we're really good at underselling herself right. We want to check every box before we raise your hand in. It's what I love most about women in that we are over disciplined and we are super prepared. But but it's what sets us back so often. is we wait until every boxes checked. And we're perfect before we're like yes. Okay now I will do it. It's like no the opportunity turn is gone. Raise your hand reason now. Just get out of that comfort zone and so I said to Disney publishing said you know I. I wanted to be about leadership leadership and getting out of your comfort zone but it also because it's kind of a heavy topic for a lot of young girls. I want it to be fun and I wanted to be joyful and there's laughter and it's playful so the real thing that I that I'm most proud of is the messaging is go on sister. You can do it and being that voice to Najat of your comfort zone but it's also interactive and there's silly exercises and there's team building things you can do an and there's reflection wanted to be a handbook that it could go go to different chapters and say I'm struggling with this. You know here. Here's some strategies from these amazing women. I interview in the book that will help you get there. So it's real tangible stuff stuff they can. I hope utilize in their lives. You know it's interesting having known a lot of strong women including my aunt. My mother as well who were strong women. I made the comment coming to you. I came to appreciate them and respect them. I didn't fear them. And that's not something. That generally is the case. I think men are fearful as we've talked already about strong women but but what do they do to overcome those things I mean they have to deal with it every day. It's like a person of color having to deal with the frustrations as well. So what do you. What do you do do well? The there's there's the first point is that you can't as sue enquist. Use An eleven time national championship coach from Ucla Softball says her quotas. You can't get stuck in your junk right there are. There are GONNA be obstacles in life. There's GonNa be things thrown at you. You'RE GONNA fail a test. You're going to get caught up from a team right how you react in those moments because everyone has them. Someone's going to tell you is. They told us for years like stop being so crazy to dream that the women should have a World Cup. Stop being so crazy to drain. The women should be in the Olympics for soccer and we finally realize that. Hey we're not crazy we're just gray GIS and if you can build that team around around you to give you that push to say 'cause you're GONNA have moments of self doubt we all do but then what do you do about it. And what is your Dream Team around you helping you get out of that uncomfortable space and being comfortable in uncomfortable because how many of us have had friends who say hey we got this. I have this awesome dream. And what do you think about this and that friends hug that stupid. Where're you from? Oh why do you think you could do that instead of a friend. WHO's like that's awesome? Go for it because because you can. And that's the voice. I wanted this book to be along those lines. The reason why this network exist today is because I was asked when I had Duke Schneider on the local show in San Francisco caller called and said you know Rod. I've waited thirty five years to talk to Duke Snider and tonight you're giving me the chance and that was the seed for saying that's what Fans WanNA WANNA do. They WANNA be able to talk to their heroes. So I'm doing tennis star Billie Jean is my color analyst on the thing and during one of the breaks or afterwards I said eight elite. I've got this idea but I'm not a business man. I've never done this before I'm telling on the air and I don't know whether to do it. She said to me. Ron I know you well enough. You Never WanNa look over over your shoulder and wonder if you could and that was the seat along. I'm getting goosebumps pushed you out. She gave you the nudge she absolutely Eh. Because she and other women like her yourself and others in this book they don't look at it as failure. Because you learn from every experience is that you have and I think the misconception too is that you have to be a celebrity or a person position power or an Olympic gold medalist so in the book we do have the examples of the billy jeans and the Robin Roberts and people you know Sheryl Sandberg Co facebook writer of Lean and But we also have anonymous people who just care so deeply about something or have a group around them that nudge them on that. Do these incredibly ably courageous things. And that you don't need to be in that position of power to make a difference. Leadership is personal not positional in all those women. What is the one commonality? That they'll fall straight on their face fall flat on their face. Laugh right laugh laughing go well. That didn't work. Let's try again. Let's get up and go again not afraid to fail not afraid to fail that you know I I call it much after his. It's called the F. Word. Hey there's actually chapter in the book it's all about failure that F word I say yes failure you know. Make it your best friend because those who embrace it and and love it and are willing to grow and say you know what that's going to be okay. I'm GonNa fail and you realize what this is life everyone fails I'm going to be okay And sometimes you just need that reminder share with me some of your favorite stories from from some of these people in this book one of the women I interview in the book to the point of you. Don't and have to be a celebrity or a person in a position of power. Delete is my dear friend. Amy Lists who was born with cerebral palsy. She was born a twin and and she has never had any independent function of her legs or arms so always been confined. A wheelchair can't eat on her own cat bathe on her own. She can't walk. Of course I and yet when I met amy about fifteen years ago I was blown away because she was one of the most positive courageous woman I had ever met she always. He's found positive in something you know. She found positive in you know showing our leadership academy kids. You know her facility at Easter seals and she's smiling smiling and joking and she has this great sense of humor but because she's in a wheelchair and she has really Intense form cerebral palsy. People kind of back off. They don't WanNa approach approach her yet when they hear her talk and here smart and funny she is and positive than people are drawn to her. She has this gift in life and so I put her in this book and she has been one of the most transformational people my life above her bed. She has this quote that says live each day with an attitude of gratitude. And here's a person who has every right to probably be complaining throughout a little bit of the day that you know I'd like to run and jump and feel the wind is I'm running and she can't get. You never complains and I just love one of the people that I have a particular affinity for is Robin Roberts. Because I've known her for a very long time and her father was a skiing airman and so we had that connection in Israel and I even had a crush. Owner doesn't have a crush on Robin. You're not alone Ron. She's such a gem. She talks in the book openly about you know being faced with cancer not once but twice I mean and that she said literally the second time when I found out how I you know I I got a little angry and I said Yeah I bet she was because I've done everything right. The first time I felt like I live my life in such a good way like healthy and active and here I am going through the second time. And she shares her strategies of how to get out of that place negatively and turn it into a positive and being able to flip working on mentally being able to flip it so that she could get into good place to fight it also another great story. I'm sure came from Sheryl Sandberg as well after the rain in in in. Yeah in her. She talks about her husband. Losing Dave and and you know the thing about that in as her book which is already a bestseller option B.. Talks about as well is this. It's raw it's real. It's her saying look I. I was in such a bad place that I didn't know how go back to work. She she sharing with this with me. And you think Sheryl Sandberg you know billionaire number seven on the world's most powerful women list above the Oprah Queen Elizabeth and here she is talking about. I don't know how we can go back to work. And she said I needed to share how I got through it. I've always had the idea and believe and correct me if you think I'm wrong on this. But because of athletes and they're focused disciplined in everything that when they have to deal with tragedy or have to deal with the challenge that they're probably better prepared to deal with it because being a highly skilled athlete. Am I correct in that. It's one of the reasons why I'm always pushing kids to play right and young girls like play play something. I don't care what you play. Play play competitively. You don't have to learn that at the highest level. You don't have to go doing Olympics for learn that right you learn that adversity and set back and loss oss is part of life right and I'm losing on the field or I'm losing in this game and I'm GonNa okay that feeling I don't like it at all. How am I going to make sure it doesn't happen again? And I'M GONNA learn and extract the lesson and all these things by playing sports at any level I think teaches you. It's the gift really sports one of the things I'm interested in With Your Leadership Ship Academy also with this book when the team went on the tour after one of the major championships and everything when you look into a woman or girls face ace. Can you tell if you've connected with them. Oh absolutely what is it. What's the giveaway? Yeah tears I bring people to tears all the time on terrible trade. I have you and Oprah. Now it's you know it's that smile in in with the leadership academies we you. You really have this transformational experience of I'm connecting because I'm sharing a story that's relatable. Maybe it's a message. They've heard from their parents or teachers or coaches. There's a million times but the fact that you're telling me that MIA was super quiet and awkward and shy at hated. Attention is me. That's what they're saying to themselves. That's me I see it in that person so if you share enough examples of here's what these people did. Here's where they come from and that's probably you to write and they're like yes. I don't have to be that person I can be quiet and shy can still be ineffective leader then. It's this piffle for them. And it really is a transformational experience to learn that I can make a difference. I just have to care enough to raise my hand. What do you want the people to take away from the book that they can that they can choose to matter the the real takeaway is just that?.

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