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Time for the Howie Carr Show. This just in CNN says China lied about how the virus started. It weren't transparent about what the results were and how many fatalities they had price cried so many people want to know how quickly we go back to normal. Normal. Normal. Normal. Normal, normal. Normal. What do you know? Totally normal. Yet I want to be normal. Normal love from the Matthews Brothers Studios, since they will all be part of our lives very soon. Top of the list. You know? Which one do you take? If they're two, maybe three vaccines? How do you know which one? You should take your all equally terrible. Any meanie miney, Mo, If you are going outside, where a mask, Not now, not ever afraid you're afraid I'm better looking with the man Who's your captain? How a car Now when we look back on it, the person who colluded with Russia Was Hillary Clinton and the president. Got money from Russia was your bike. What kind of operation is this? Jack alone your failure. They lied to you and us for four years on the most spectacular level. I'd like to start on the historic nature of some of of Joe Biden, the President elect's pick the team, though. Biden has put forward is incredibly qualified, perhaps most qualified Cabinet that we're ever going to have a history making historic first. That's historic. Also historic stories. Another historic picked era are not also impressed. I'm shamed Adam stoppable. This didn't even make sense to me because the signature on the ballot that was being compared to other signatures didn't even resemble in any way. What they were comparing it to room swabs, hacks and moon backs. Beware. It's Howie Carr a 44 540 to.

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