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The fo buddy thanks man take care threequarters down robots the europe and will pass the ball into you at the start of the fourth i wanna talk about maxine waters you probably didn't know she was in the state of alabama she said something very interesting that you probably won't see in your local paper we'll be right back this is yellowhammer news i'm jay holland the alabama department of public health in a released friday said shellfish growing areas one through six remain closed and includes cedar point porter's bay heron bay and dolphin island bay dr scott harris the state health officer closed harvesting as a five thirty p m friday the order was issued because of possible contamination of oyster beds due to recent rainfall officials say harvesting will resume as soon as areas meet acceptable bacteriological criteria uab received a 20milliondollar grant to research strokes in the south and especially among african americans the university of alabama at birmingham's region for geographic and racial differences in stroke will receive the funds through twenty twenty three the study has gotten almost one hundred million dollars in grant funding in the past 15 years and has had over thirty thousand people participate the remains of what is believed to be the clo tilda the last ship to bring slaves to the united states continues to be studied by experts the remains were discovered in the mobile tint saw delta by a reporter the clotilde was burned nearly one hundred sixty years ago after delivering slaves to mobile in eighteen sixty from the west african nation of burning the ship's remains was found bed it in a river bottom weeks ago during an unusually low tide the alabama historical commission says officials are trying to determine if the wreckage is the clotilde trump is tweeting about trade today president trump said that mexico and canada will only be exempted from his new tariffs on steel and aluminum imports if a new agreement on nafta is reached the president tweeted that the us has large trade deficits at its neighbors and nafta have been quote a bad deal unquote for america he called on canada to quote treat our farmers much better unquote and said mexico needs to do more to stop drugs from coming over the border brought.

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