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John updike recorded after the publication of his memoir selfconsciousness in 1989 updike died twenty years later at the age of seventy six after a break we'll continue our thirtieth anniversary retrospective with a 1988 interview with toby hooper who wrote and directed the texas chainsaw massacre he died last week this is fresh air support for fresh air comes from sunrise good sun basket since organic and sustainable ingredients to your door pre measured and ready to go so you can prepare delicious meals and around thirty minutes son basket takes the guesswork out of preparation makes cleanup easier and you get to skip the grocery store with meals designs of fit every busy lifestyle choose from paleo leinen clean gluten free vegetarian and family options get thirty five dollars off your first order at sun basket dot com slash fresh air we'll conclude today's edition of our thirtieth anniversary retrospective with a 1988 interview that has become an obituary toby hooper whose best known as the writer and director of the 1974 film the texas chainsaw massacre died last saturday he was 74 the texas chainsaw massacre was so gruesome it helped inspire a wave of slasher films but it was also interestingly made that it was added to the permanent collection of the museum of modern art the movie is about a group of hippies who meet up with a family of hamas seidel maniacs who kill strangers to the area eat their flesh and turn what's left over into sausage the main character known as leather face wears a mask of human skin and a taxes victims with a chainsaw.

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