Jim Harbaugh, Michigan, Brady Hoke discussed on Championship Drive


Fair enough brad good point let's keep them momentum rolling with this question from coral mella he's at coral underscore mella and notes is jim harbaugh's coaching reputation falling victim to being in the loaded big ten east division simply at the wrong time he probably be regularly getting ten plus wins per season on the other side of the conference so you think harbaugh would be better if you put him in arguably the weakest division in college football threat i i'm with you on that i do i do think a pretty much any coach out there would have a better record if he coached in the in the big ten west i don't buy this excuse with the big ten east because harbaugh is at michigan and you can't say that you know that he inherited a bunch of no talent guys from brady hoke because he just had what like ten of them drafted last spring so he had talon his first two years you would assume from the way he's recruited that he still has good talent now and i can promise you this every year he's been at michigan he has more talon his roster than marked antonio has on his michigan state roster and he's lost to him too at a three years now i'll give you i'll give you how state okay he's now he's he hasn't lost a pen stab leaving only lost a penn state this year but penn state you you look at penn state and yes they have some very good players but they also have some holes you know they're not completely back to being.

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